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Les Ambassades is a godsend. I think I would die here without this little haven of a bakery where I can go and get a decent cup of tea and a croissant for breakfast. Today, I head in once more for my usual. I which my day would have ended as good as it started.

I catch a taxi to Suffolk. (By the way, my taximan took the key out of the ignition while driving as used it as a Q-tip for his ear. Then back into the ignition it went.) Of course, there's no power. Apparently, we learn that there is a monopoly controlling the energy output in Senegal, and this comapy's grid is not complex enough to handle the city's electricity needs. On top of that, the backup generator Suffok owns to circumvent this problem is under a weird political stress between them and the economic school (ENEA) that uses the attached builidng space next door. ENEA taps into the generator power without permission, and the generator isn't large enough to handle powering both institutions. So, no one has power. Ever.

Basically, with Ken sick and the power out, we just don't have class. So most of us leave. I join a group that's headed for lunch. We find this really cool Morrocan restaurant that takes up the bottom floor of the house of a Middle Eastern couple. There is even a pool in the backyard where some kids are having swimming lessons. We sit poolside under a large red tarp. While eating, the owner comes out and invites us to use the pool if we want. Not having anything else useful to do, Natalie changes into her swimsuit and the rest of us dip our legs in the cool water.

I'm all of a sudden feeling sick. I figure get my bang for my buck, and use the nice Western-style bathroom three times. While feeling like a truck ran over my stomach, I try to make phone calls to NGOs for my practicum. No luck. It makes it worse when Sarah gets off the phone with Tostan to take a trip to the south of Senegal, following one of their filmmakers for five days. Yay.

Back at SIT, Ken has finally set up his laptop and projector to teach Photoshop. I'm not surprised that most of the group is so fed up that only about a third show up and even less pay attention. (Don't worry, he didn't really know what he was doing anyway.) Thank God I took Photoshop in high school - I never thought that would pay off.

Suddenly, Sarah bursts out of the office saying Suffolk has dismantled the computer lab to paint the room. AHHHH! How the heck are we going to get anywork done?! Ken says he's going to "give them hell" and, Sarah grips her head and screams. The rest of us roll our heads back in disgust, all with the same thought bubble, "Oh, my God. This can't be happening."

The day can't get that much worse. At least Nikki and I sang through 'Elephant Love Medley' from Moulin Rouge before I headed to the internet cafĂ©. That made me feel much better, yet a bit homesick. Can you say iPod tonight as I fall asleep?

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