Frustation and the Ile de la Madeline

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We get to class at Suffolk this morning, and there is no power. So we waste a lot of time. Every one is sick of just sitting around getting nothing done. But there's not much of an alternative. Being a digital photography class kind of requries that you use a computer. Plus, it takes forever to wait for the whole class to be where they need to be. Some people leave to do whatever they want when there's nothing to do at Suffolk. Then we've got to wait 30 minutes until they get back so we can get any sort of progress done.

After a couple of hours, the power's back. We go over our St. Louis projects. Apparently, we should have gotten together with our group since then to put a presentation together. That's being graded. Okay, nobody said anything about that.

Next is a lesson on taking portraits with available light. I am so happy to do something actually photography related in class. This is what I signed up for. Unfortunately, that's the last such class I'll get on this progam.

Grab some lunch and some fat-free ice cream at the supermarket. The one supermarket in this neighborhood.

Return to discuss the practicum. Can you say 'tension'? It quickly fills the room as people shoot questions from all over the place without getting concrete answers. We would like a rubric, but Chris gets mad that Ken seems to have graded last years projects without any obvious guidelines. The academics all around are a joke, and it's finally materializing differently in each of us. I'm just fed up and keep quiet. Sure, I'm fed up with some of the obvious lack of communication and organization, but I feel that some of the other students are going to far. I can't seem to empathize with them. I just listen to them, not really talking to anyone because I can't relate. And no one comes to talk to me. Ugh.

The afternoon, at least, is a bit of an improvement. We take a fifteen minute boat ride over choppy waves to the Ile de la Madeline. We navigate into a cove, huges cliff surrounding us, the ocean turqoise. The water all of sudden is crystal clear. No trash lies on the beaches. In fact, there's no sand. Only smooth, dark rocks that hurt like crazy if you try to walk on them barefoot. It's an extreme form of reflexology.

We hike up the cliff to take pictures of the view. You can see the city and look down at the people swimming in the alcove below. Again, they don't tell us to pack a swimsuit the night before, so I can't go into the water. Ahhhh!! I hate missing out on experience like that. At least I'm not the only one.

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