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The mission today is to leave the ASAP so I can actually do what I traveled to Senegal for. My practicum. So I get to World Vision as early as possible so I can sneak out as early as possible.

I arrive and see that on Fridays, the entire staff has a prayer and worship session in the conference room with a djembe. It sounds really interesting and unique. Though one of the staff invites me in, I feel odd just barging in and not knowing French worship songs. So, I split and head to SIT's office, which is on the same block.

The SIT visit was good. I got to talk with Souleye on what I've been up to for the past week. And the bonus was that he gave me extra money for food and transportation. I also got the final week's schedule and a letter preparing us for our last week. The end is near!

I head back to World Vision and manage to get out around 11 a.m. I think I was so worried to get out of there as fast as possible and get started on the work I felt that I should have been doing all week, that I did even get their contact information. I just gave them my e-mail. I feel horrible now that I think about it, but I have their mailing address to send them photos that I took.

After grabbing lunch at Les Ambassades, I walk (yes, walk for 45 minutes) to Suffolk. I get to use the computers for about an hour, then we all get kicked out of the lab for a 'test' that the IT people want to do. We are so insanely frustrated that they have to do this during OUR class lab time, so much so that we really have no energy or words to fight with them about it. So we decide to wait the hour it takes (when they only told us 30 minutes!) and then jump headfirst into the lab. Then, oh yeah - the POWER GOES OUT. Kill me now.

I take cab to HLM to pick up some things from the tailor. Then, hit up the internet cafe to attempt to type something that resembles a paper. Head home. Let the little girls draw in my notebook. (Tons of cute fun.) Eat dinner. Lock myself in my room and get work done.
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