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Time to head back to Dakar. We wake up, pack up, and leave Mbour. It's just tying up loose ends at this point.

We arrive at SIT to pick up the rest of our luggage, then head back to Epeci'A. Just like our first day in Senegal, I'm back in the same hotel in a room with Lilli and Amanda - the same people. Wow, have we come full circle. I still can't believe it's almost over.

We drop our bags off at our rooms and head back downstairs for lunch. Jill reappears - of course, she manages to tag along again. Thank God.

After a tasty lunch, I need to go t HLM to get some fabric (well, actually just try to get rid of some money) and deliver the picture I promised to the tailor. Jay and Jill wanted to see HLM and explore. Jill needed some bright pink shoes for an outfit she had made and a suitcase for all her extra accoutrements, and Jay needed a soft duffel bag. So we all shared a taxi.

I showed them around the different areas - fabric, tailors, shoes, jewelry - and tried to help my friends find what they wanted. I began to feel bad, feeling like I was dragging them around while I found what I needed. I bought some fabric, and helped Jill buy her bag and shoes, especially since she barely spoke any French. Jay spilt up to see if he could find what he needed. Jill and I happened to run into some of our other fellow studetns, Sarah and Frankie. Jay decided to share a cab to Oukam with them. In the hectic traffic of human bodies that is HLM, I got Jill a cab and helped her struggle to ger he huge new suitcase inside. Bid farewell! The last time I saw her.

I head back inside to the tailor to deliver the photograph. The reaction is hilarious! They love it and post the picture on the wall right away. I take out my newly-purchased fabric and "order" a two-piece traditional outfit, a skirt and top. The woman, really sweet, then asks me about information on getting a US visa. She emphasizes she wants to go for business and to meet up with her husband (who went to school in the US and currently lives in London, I think). Of course.

Next, I head over to the Elton station to give the fruit vendor, Caroline, whose portrait I took for the first class assignment, her picture. The reaction was priceless. She loved it and showed it off to all her friends and the vendors around her. Her smile stretching wide across her face made my day.

I head up the road to buy some souvenirs. Great way to get rid of my extra CFA. I buy some handmade baskets, the weaving every color of the rainbow. Time to head back to the hotel to pack.

No surprise, I have a lot of time to kill. So I head back to the Elton to check my email. That's when I discover on the front page of the Wake Forest website that Coach Prosser died. I think I actually cliked a few links and moved a couple of pages before it hit me. I did a double-take, and would have done a spit-take if I was drinking something. I hit the back button and saw it. Skip's years on earth were on the WFU website, his portrait beside. I couldn't believe it. I spent the rest of my internet time looking at memorial notes, pictures (they rolled the quad!), and signing the guestbook.

Dinner time approaches, and as I get back to Epeci'A, the power goes out. Very appropriate for our last night. It sums up our final moments so well, ties it together perfectly. So, we have dinner by candlelight, which actually is really wonderful and relaxing.

We all just hang out, pack, freak out about how they are going to fit everything in their luggage, and I really don't know what to do with myself. There's no homework, no projects, no assignments, and no books to go through.

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