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So the past to days at school have been capped off with time for batik, which is when wax is applied to fabric and then dyed so that the dye just penetrates the parts of the fabric that have no wax on them. Our batik intructor was the cutest old man who wore a bright yellow traditional African cloak and Buddy Holly glasses. The courtyard behind the school building served as our classroom for the afternoon. It was tons of fun trying to be creative with our designs. I made a couple of skirts and just tried different batik techniques on rectangular pieces of fabric.

Today, a group of us went to downtown Dakar again to eat at a Lebanese resturant one of the girls had found the other day. It was so delicious. I might try to find it again one day. Sarah, the girl in our group who found it, said that the guy who runs the place used to live in the US, and so the food is cleaned and prepared really well (like lettuce, etc.). It was definitely a fancier place and a bit out of our price
range of our lunch allowance, but it was so worth it.

Speaking of girls on the trip, I just walked home with a girl in our group cause she wasn't feeling well. I think she had the same type of thing I had when I visted Africa the first time, cause she threw up on
the side of the street and then felt better. It was like night and day. I've been trying to be extra careful about cleanliness and such; pray I don't get sick from anything.

One of my brothers (wow, I still need to get their names down - they're so hard to remember) walked me to class once on Friday, and I've got the directions down pretty okay now. I feel much better about navigating around the neighborhood and finding the cybercafe and convience store.

Things are definitely different. Tomorrow, I need to find out how to wash my clothes so I can wash my undergarments before I run out. Hope I can get that done tomorrow since I don't have class.

Trial-and-error French-wise is what I have been doing, but they don't seem too forgiving about it - that's the thing...but I realized that the more I am less nervous, I can think of the French words I need to say
faster, so that's been better as I observe and get used to how things work. This lesson came to be this afternoon as I spent time hanging out in my "brother's" room. I walked in and inturrupted him as he was doing his prayers (the familiy is Muslim); that was really embarrasing. But afterwards he was really nice about it, and we spent time listening to Green Day and a bunch of his favorite hip-hop songs as well as sharing pictures of our families and friends.

I tried talking to one of the maids today, and she just said in response, "You cannot speak French." Great. That was just the uplift I needed.

Anyway, the evening was spent at the kiosk stand where my brother works selling cold drinks until midnight. I took some pictures and met some of his friends again. But that was about it. I can never think of things to converse about or questions to ask. I just suck.

Tomorrow is the first free day we have with our families. I am insanely nervous. Apparently, I agreed to go somewhere with my brother tomorrow afternoon, but I'm not sure where. We'll see, I guess.

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