Day 2: A train coming in and a bus going out

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This was one of the most stressful exchanges ever, I think. My timetable told me that I was supposed to arrive by train, hang out for an hour or so, and then catch another train out to Oslo where I was meeting Ingvild. Guess what didn't actually happen.

I showed up all right, and then I started to look for the departing train on the board. Nowhere to be found. Foolishly assuming that it's just too early and I need to wait longer, I wander around aimlessly for a while before I start to notice something's wrong. There's an announcement being made over the public address system, but I don't speak Swedish and the English version was so heavily accented that I couldn't make out a word. I go to a help desk and ask about my train. I believe this is the moment when I lose my timetable. That's right, day two and I've already lost the one life preserver I have with me. Figures.

The person I speak to informs me that the train has been cancelled, but that there's a bus I can take. Of course, the bus leaves in ten minutes from down the street and I need to pay upfront in a currency I don't carry. Somehow, I managed to get a ticket in time to sprint down the street and hop on board the bus just as it's leaving for Oslo.

All's well, right? Wrong. The bus is arriving later than the train would have, which is the time I told Ingvild to meet me at. I also told her to meet me at the train station, not wherever this bus is going. In addition, I don't have her phone number and I can't think of any way to contact her.

Again, somehow, someone is looking out for me and the bus station happens to be literally ten feet from the train station and Ingvild has thought to call me in time to find out about the change of plans. She looks older than I remember her. Seeing an old friend is always a strange feeling.
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photo by: Biedjee