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The Barbican

I left the Wieliczka Salt Mine and arrived back in Krakow.  I immediately went to the ticket counter to buy a ticket back to Wrocław, but the last train of the night was completely sold out.  Plus, it was a Sunday so transportation is limited.  They suggested the bus station, which is very modern and nice, but very hard to understand.  I could not find a bus to Wrocław anywhere, and when I asked, there wasn't one.  Crap, poor planning on my part.  So, I went back to the train station and pleaded with the lady at the ticket counter.  Finally, she sold me a ticket but told me there were no seats left - she simply wished me luck and did not think I would be able to get on the train.

I had a little bit of time to kill, so I went and got a picture of the Barbican in the daylight.  I got some chinese food for dinner (yeah, I know) and then headed back to the train station.  The first train conductor that I tried to talk to spoke no english, when I showed him my ticket he just shrugged and blew me off.  Fortunately, the next guy spoke english, and he had mercy on me - he let me on the train and told me to sit in the aisleway.  Well, I had my big backpack and the aisles are small, and people are constantly getting on and off the train.  It was a long 4 hour train ride.  There was a Polish girl who I guess had a similar situation to mine, she sat next to me and I guess took a liking to me.  We talked for a while before she got off the train.  Before the train left, she came running back up and handed me a Polish treat that she had purchased for me - it was some kind of bread-like thing - I can't even describe it.  I took one bite in front of her as I said goodbye, but it tasted terrible!  I had to spit it out it was so bad, but I waited until she was out of site.  Oh well, at least I was on my way back to Wrocław.

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The Barbican
The Barbican
photo by: vulindlela