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July 23-25, 2005

We said NO WAY when the result of the vote was "shopping trip Hong kong".  Awww ... what a gift we were given from working hard this year!! 

One month before the trip, we had to choose between Phuket trip and Hong kong trip. Sure, i chose Phuket. My friends chose Phuket. But the amount of beach lover were less than shopping maniac ladies. They won! Women loves shopping. Even I am the one who loves shopping but did we really have to shop in Hongkong???

Yeah, .....  we had to :(

That was my second trip. First time was 18 years ago with dad and mom. I had a good time and saw many good thing as dad planned for us when i still couldn't travel alone.

Don moung Airport
But the second trip was different. Only 2 days 3 nights.

I haven't been in a way of tour group since I quit from group tourist community! (haha), at 18. But this time i can't say no. Everybody went, so did i. (have to?)

When 20 people showed up at the Airport. Noisy!!  We were on Emiret airline which we were scare at first
but the service was great. I had my private TV. Food was delicious, seafood, shrimp and shell. If i came here by myself, might be chicken or something. But that was a free trip so .... let's eat!

2 Hours later we arrived HK. But we didn't sleep there. Took a train to Xunjian, China.  Trip was set up, we can't choose anything.

Just got in to HK one hour ago and now had to got out. After passed the China immigration, took a bus to Xunjian.

first day, very tired even don't do anything yet. Why not Phuket, still thinking!

One hour later we arrived the hotel. It was great. We were there almost 9pm. Shops were close. I wanted to lay down on my bed but my head wasn't touch the pillow yet i heard the knock. They, the team, told us to go to shopping! Shopping???? At 9pm????? Where??? They said go, you guys have to go!

If you knew that most of Thai people are brand-name manic, you wouldn't be surprise that why we had to shop at 9pm. And most of those maniac people were with me now that's why i had to go. Guide took us to an old building which it looks like there had no one. Took a very oldddd lift. Smelled. Imagine a place of gangster or Mafia, scary. The guard in front of the building told us to go up 5 persons each time strict.

Our hotel
The rest had to hide before the lift came down. Why we had to hide!? Was it illegal???? Where were we!??

The lift was opened. We were in the building which has many rooms on two sides. Each had a poster of many girls who wore tiny pieces of clothes in front of the room. It might be a lounge or porno vcd shops
or maybe worst. But if it was something like that, why it's in the same place that we were to shop?

Headache to think about it. Shops were closed because it's almost 10pm now.  But I saw a light from one room, our room. No pictures of girls here but the door was locked. Guide knocked with his signal. SOmeone opened, after we all got in she closed the door and locked again. Why they had to do something so sucpicious? Found out later that there had many fake popular brand-name products, that's why.

And not only sold fake stuff but also opened the shop over time. Shit, what if the cops came?  All arrested? In china's jail??  My dear boss, why not Phuket? (lol)

The fake stuff was more cheaper than the genuine one but same quality such as a hundred thousand Baht watch, you can buy here only thousands. If you don't know, you've hardly told which one is fake. They had watches, pens, shoes, pockets, bags fake brandname. Shop team was so stunning with those cheap price but i/ friends were so sleepy. We don't want it but we can't go out because the guide told us to stay inside. What a tour!!!

Brand mania took about one hour in there, they're really enjoy. Ahhh, women! (oops! forgot that i'm one of them too!)

Finally they're all done! Thanks! Xunjian at night was so ... scary. We hurry walked back to the hotel.
Yeah, i can sleep now.  Knock knock knock. Who? My friends came to have some drink but why had to come to my room?  Oh guys aren't you tired???


newtampo says:
Thank you. Haha yeah, will never forget. What a tour i have been with! :)
Posted on: Jun 21, 2007
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Don moung Airport
Don moung Airport
Our hotel
Our hotel
:D, i dont know him.
:D, i don't know him.
In the hotel
In the hotel
good food
good food
Theyre trying to make face as Lai…
They're trying to make face as La…
Lai and I
Lai and I
Womens room
Women's room
Got TV!
Got TV!
Lais and my room
Lai's and my room
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