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Jewish Memorial in Berlin.
Ive wanted to put up some more photos for a while, but im finding it difficult to find a interweb place that lets me hook my usb cable up from the camera :( So i guess youll have to just have some more rambling from me.

Berlin is fkking cool. The FREE walking tour of the city, the cheap as pub crawl, the concentration camp nearby (cant remember what it was called), the zoo, the bars, the mind boggling abundance of hookers in the main part of the city, the really nice people, the fussball (foozball?) tournament i entered with these locals who would make anyone in australia look amateurish (seriously ive never seen fussball played at anywhere near that level before though somehow i came second last instead of last in the tournament), the east side gallery which is the largest part of the berlin wall still standing and theyve turned it into an art gallery, the reichstag (they call it bunderstag now because germans dont like saying reich anymore) .... and u can probably tell that im rushing through this coz theres just too much to mention. So in short, Berlin is great and u should go.
showbiz101 says:
That bit about the hookers is a bit weird, huh? I should point out that I was just kind of fascinated by how many there were on the streets. Hailing from a quiet suburb in Australia, I wasn't exposed to so things often.
Posted on: Jan 25, 2012
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Jewish Memorial in Berlin.
Jewish Memorial in Berlin.
photo by: CFD