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John Lennon wall in Prague.
Well im home again now, but i thought id round off the rest of the trip breifly for y'all ... closure is healthy they say.

I was actually a little disapointed in Munich after the wonder of Berlin. The people there are grumpier, older, richer and more conservative. But i managed to drink way too much beer out of 1 litre steins at the beer halls, which lets face it, is why i went there in the first place. The glockenspiel in the main square is hilarious (all the bells are out of tune, and the grand finale is a massive anticlimax with a tiny bird cuckooing three times), the history is interesting (though much more whitewashed over than Berlin), the food is pretty good (try the roast duck at Augustiner Beer Hall) and theres also some great parks and museums. I also took a day trip to Regensburg with some people i met at a beer hall. Its a pretty little town and is apparently one of the few places that wasnt levelled in the war.

The best thing about my second trip to Prague was that we had a great group of people at the hostel (Sir Tobys - i recommend). Most people were travelling by themselves so we all hung out together and people would always offer you food they were cooking. There were also kittens in the backyard (we named them Mr Lubba Lubba, Michael Jackson and Coolio). Went back to the 5 story club and managed not to pass out this time, and had trouble with my credit card for a few days so i had no money :(

Pretty exhausted by this time, but it sure is a nice place. The whole main centre of town is surrounded by a bit of parkland where the moat and walls used to be. The actual castle is pretty cool and i made a pilgrimage to Mt Kosciousko ... no wait, Kosciousko Mound. You see when someone dies that they liked, they build a big pile of dirt in memorial. I found it sort of funny, but its more impressive than it sounds, and you get a great view of Krakow from the top. I think what made my stay though, were the receptionists at the hotel. Very freindly locals who would hang out with everyone and take us to good pubs/clubs etc.

So anyway as i said its back in Perth now. In summary the whole trip was an amazing experience that i could never quite explain properly to anyone, certainly not in the few hundred words on this webpage. I feel that in just 2 months i have been humbled yet made more confident ... i have a greater appreciation for foreign countries (and hopefully a bit less ignorance) but also a greater appreciation for good ole Perth ... i have met hundreds of people from all over the world and had some great times with them (and forgotten most of their names :p ) ... ive tried dozens of different kinds of beers (and forgotten the names of most of them too) ... and although ive also made myself alot poorer, it was well worth it.
showbiz101 says:
Wow that was quick! A comment already! Cheers guy :)
Posted on: Jun 18, 2007
Eric says:
Sorry to hear that you didn't like Munich! When I went there everyone was friendly and I had a blast -- of course, it was also during the middle of Oktoberfest! agree with you on Prague and Krakow, both are awesome places.
Posted on: Jun 18, 2007
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John Lennon wall in Prague.
John Lennon wall in Prague.
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