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View from top of Eiffel Tower.

So after four days in London I hopped on the Top Deck tour bus and headed of for Paris. The first day of the tour is daunting trying to introduce yourself to as many people as you can and remember their names. There's a real mixed bag, which is great ... Canadians, Koreans, Kiwis, and a Columbian (the poor guy gets his passport checked REAL carefully wherever we go), but mostly Aussies. There's people that annoyed me first up, but now I get along with well, and there's others who seemed ok to start with but I'm starting to think less of them. But the name of the game is having a good time, which means trying to put social politics aside. Overall it's not a bad group of people anyway.

The London port of Dover is quite awesome in all it's hugeness, and the ferry is basically a shopping mall that floats. But how is Paris? Fantastic. You become so spoiled for amazing architecture and art that you start to become desentised to it. "So that's the Venus De Milo huh? Well it's ok ... i guess."

Eiffel tower was a great experience. Climbed all 668 steps to the 2nd floor, then elevatored to the top where you may guess that the view is spectacular. I took a photo of the Louvre from there because the thing is so, so, so massive that it's pretty much the only way you can get it all in one shot.

The Louvre building and the gardens are extremely impressive, but once inside there's really just TOO MUCH to see (apparently if you spent a minute looking at each work, you'd be there for 9 months) ... so as much as i didnt want to be "that guy" I pretty much walked in, found the Mona Lisa, and walked out. The Mona Lisa itself is worth seeing because its hard to believe you're in the presence of such a well recognised object, but the painting itself actually seems to pale in comparison to some of the other pieces (one of my favourites was a series of portraits of people painted as a collage of fruits).

I had low expectations for Notre Damne, but I ended up loving it. The whole thing is just SO DAMN EVIL LOOKING. And its a church! The top floors are covered in gargoyles, and the inside has some of the most detailed stained glass windows.

Also want to mention the Arch De Treomphe (not sure if thats spelt right). The arc itself is certainly a neat bit of artistry, but just as fascinating is the car roundabout that surrounds it. THERE ARE NO RULES. IT IS INSANE. Apparently there's a crash on it every 8 minutes. We had to navigate it twice with the bus which was possibly the closest I've come to dying on this entire trip.

One picnic under the Eiffel Tower later, complete with snails (which are quite good) and it was pretty much time to move on. Trying to see an entire city in one day (especially something like Paris) is absolutely exhausting by the way.

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View from top of Eiffel Tower.
View from top of Eiffel Tower.
photo by: Sweetski