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Duomo in Florence.
Ok im finished with the tour now so I finally have a bit of time to do this. Man that whole thing was crazy. Go, go, go. Gonna try and summarise even shorter. Anyway where was I up to ...

Florence was pretty cool. Where the Renaiscance started and all. Saw the David statue and took a picture when I wasnt supposed to (I actually got shouted at four times for seperate things while in that one museum). The Basillica or Duomo (big church with a dome) was awesome. The mural on the inside was painted so it actually looked like people were sitting on a ledge above you looking down. As for the partying side myself and the Canadians drank from shuttles of beer which hold more than 3.5 litres!

Rome is incredible. Looking at paintings from the 1200's is mind blowing enough when you think of how old it is, but you go to Rome and theres buildings everywhere that have been standing since 100 BC! The Vatican is absolutely amazing and the Sistine Chapel is as inspiring as youd imagined (although at first glance i actually thought it seemed really small), but the cue for the Vatican is the longest line of people I have ever seen! The Coloseum is cool though I didnt go inside and the Vatican Basillica is well ... I'm running out of adjectives but its very very good. Especially going up top (it was almost worth the two hours we stayed in line for it :p). Rome was the busiest place I went though, and the ridiculously number of people is quite a downer. On the night front, its worth noting that someone on our tour nearly got in a fight with the caretaker of our camping site.

I loved Venice because it was so much quieter than Rome. There's not necessarily a lot to see but its an amazing place to just wander around and get lost amongst the canals and sidestreets ... and with no traffic noise! Of note was the gondalier ride and the store that supplied the masks for Eyes Wide Shut, and the giant balloon dog, but the best thing about Venice was the toga party! TOGA! TOGA! The worst thing about Venice is that I was starting to come down with a cold :(
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Duomo in Florence.
Duomo in Florence.
photo by: vulindlela