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Nice is kinda nice after all.
Today I'm in Rome and it is most impressive (though it possibly has the most expensive internet in the world :s), but since I'm trying to keep a little bit of chronology going, lets backtrack a bit.


We stayed a couple of nights at a hostel in Nice in the French Riviera, and to be honest it was probably the worst part of the trip so far. There were a few things that put me in a bad mood:

1)THE FIRST NIGHT - I missed out on what was apparently the best night out of the trip because I'd been going pretty hard prior then and decided that I needed a night to recover (which I did), but I got to experience all the drunk guys coming back to the room (it was a 6 bed share), and not shutting up for hours and hours.
2)THE FIRST DAY- I spent all day doing laundry and updating this blog, and calling home etc. which took so long that I barely got to see anything of the town.
3)SLOW WALKERS- The footpaths in this part of the world are tiny, and people walk like Galapogas turtles ... it's not cool

But anyway, there's a pretty neat beach there that has no sand (it's all pebbles), and I got to have a bit of a nap in front of the water. I'd like to give Nice more of a chance and actually see some of it, but for now I dont think its that impressive ... and there's too many rich people!

Speaking of rich people ... Monaco (the 2nd smallest country in the world) has more millionares than unemployed people. It's pretty much an entire country of casinos, and ultra-rich people, which was kinda cool for spending a few hours there but it's not really my cup of tea. And yes, I lost money (20 euros, which is about $40 AUS).

Since then we've been to Pisa, Florence and Rome, and by the time I jump on the net again I'll have been plenty more places, but it'll all have to wait, coz the net is seriously just too freaking expensive here. Also, look out for some more photos coming soon, and feel free to comment on this stuff ... when i get back I'll give you a hug if you do.
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Nice is kinda nice after all.
Nice is kinda nice after all.
photo by: Niki-Travelfan