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Wow i just spent the most frustrating pound ive ever spent on trying to update this thing using a net cafe, and then i come into this bar and its free! I like!


Since the Top Deck tour, things have slowed down a bit, but some of you will be happy to know that im still finding plenty of time to abuse my liver and not get enough sleep. I kind of threw any worries about how much money i was spending out the window on the tour, but now im conscious of it again so my diet is pretty much ham and cheese sandwiches 24/7 ... and the ocassional apple.

Spent another few days in London after the tour but i didnt do much. Hung out at the hostel bar, visited Camden markets, went back to the National Gallery (they have these cool audio guide things at all the museums which they might have back in oz for all i know, but in the National Gallery you get them for an optional donation which is handy). Glad to be out of London really coz its just too fkking expensive.

Spent a whole day on the coach up to Notts (as the locals sometimes call it) to meet up with Danny boy (freind from uni). There's pubs everywhere there (i think someone quoted me the stat that it has the most pubs per square mile, which i could probably believe) including the oldest pub in England (apparently there's some contention about that statistic but its been around since 1186 AD so the point is its really old) called the Olde Trip to Jerusaleum, that is actually built into the walls of Nottingham castle. There's a really grotty looking model ship in there that hasn't been cleaned for decades because everyone who cleans it dies a horrible death shortly after. Ohhh spooky! On the touristy side i went round the castle which was kinda nice but a bit of an anti climax really. What was quite cool (if a little cheesy) was a tour of one of the many tunnels underneath the city (the whole city is on top of a maze of tunnels apparently, and theyre still finding new ones). They date back to medieval times when they were used for poor people to live in, but were also used for tanneries and bomb shelters during WW2. The best thing about my time in Notts was just hanging out with people from the hostel, playing drinking games (including 'three frogs' but in Spanish) and finding a kebab shop/bar which was as awesome as it sounds!

To bonnie (bonne? bonny?) old Scotland, and the capital no less. Here i met up with a handful of people from Top Deck which was great especially as they were some of my favourite people from the tour. Seeing as its not that many people i might try to introduce you properly. We had the Canadian girls (see the pic below with four of us posing around a shuttle of beer (Mel on left, Gen on right), and the rest are in the pic taken in Monaco (from left to right it's Hector (Mr Columbia), Tomasina (Ozzie), Alice (Kiwi), me, Ari (Kiwi) and Adam (Kiwi)). Confusing? Pointless? Hopefully not. Anyway back to stuff i saw. The Edinburgh castle is actually pretty amazing, and its interesting to be able to see such a distinct divide between the old Edinburgh, which is full of spires and churches dating back centuries and centuries, and the more modern parts of the town. They set off a big gun at 1pm every day from the castle that we saw go off, but the best thing is that apparently they do it at one o'clock because the Scots are too cheap to fire 12 shots for midday. The scotch whisky experience was a bit of a favourite and yes we had to sample some of the local wares. The other cool thing was the museum which housed the Camera Obscura; basically a dark room where the (completely live) image of the town is projected on to a table in front of you so basically you can spy on everyone and even kind of 'pick them up' (actually its kinda hard to explain, maybe you should look it up :p), and the other exhibits were good too. One level was dedicated to optical illusions, and another to big holographic images. But probably the best thing was a booth which showed you what youd look like as a monkey, a manga character, and a baby. Stay tuned for those photos!

Only been here a few days. Did nothing yesterday/last night (think thats one of three days i havent drank anything). Walking round today was good though. Went to Kelvingrove Museum, and though im starting to get a bit sick of museums everyone was saying i had to go and i did end up enjoying it. Think one of the main differences was the museum focuses alot on explain where the pieces come from and stories behind the paintings/exhibits. The parks round here are also quite beautiful and there's some great buskers around (im so impressed by buskers around Europe i honestly think itd be a great idea to trek round recording them and release a DVD compilation). As i mentioned before ive stopped in a bar (which Daniel recomended) and im already feeling a little less sober after two pints (San Miguel beer is quite good).

The plan is to stay in Glasgow for another two nights and then head back to Nottingham (I'm spending an entire night on the coach, partly so that i dont have to pay for a hostel for a night) and then its off to Berlin with Daniel, which by all accounts is pretty damn amazing. My flight there (including tax and a surcharge for carrying a lot of luggage) is only 24 pound or so (about $60)! I've only booked a one way ticket coz i want to try to stay in Europe for a while, simply because the exchange rate is a little less harsh with the Euro than the Pound. Thoughts of coming home early due to lack of funds have begun, but we'll see.

Anyway hope all is well. Goodnight!
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