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Well it aint easy finding time to do stuff like this ... especially now that I've started the Top Deck tour. But hopefully I'll be able to keep this blog updated regularly and it can serve the role of postcards etc.

Ok Geez, what has happened so far? What have I seen? What have I learnt? ... So much already that it's quite a daunting task to summarise so I'll try and keep it fairly breif.

Awesome. Pretty amazing experience to throw myself headlong into finding hostels and generally fending for myself in such a hustly-bustly place. Like everything, I reckon it doesn't live up to the negative parts of its reputation. The tubes are great, the weather has actually been quite good, people are freindly, I haven't had anything stolen, the hostels I stayed at were good, and if you walk around on a Sunday it doesn't even seem that busy.

Caught up with my freind Daniel, who showed me around a bit (museums, pubs etc.), and partied with him and some of his freinds one night which was much fun. Wandered (and tubed) my way to most of the big landmarks, and got a caricature done in front of Big Ben. It's quite amazing to just see something as instantly recognisable like Big Ben in the background scenery, but even more fascinating to me were the guards at the gate with massive machine guns! Also saw a Salvador Dali exhibit that day (the guy who likes melting clocks and enormously tall skinny-legged elephants), which was really interesting. Plus, spent a day just museum-ing it up ... think the favourite thing i saw was a replica plaster cast of a giant Roman pillar (must have been 20+ m tall) from ~100 AD, with over 2500 intricately carved figures, spiralling all the way up (in the Medieval section of the Victoria and Albert museum, if you ever want to find it yourself).

But possibly my favourite thing about London is the squirrels. You take a walk through Hyde Park (or any other park) and they are just everywhere running around. Plus, if youre sneaky they will come right up to you.
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photo by: ulysses