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Driving to Joshua tree was crazy. Coming from the California coast, the climate soon turned drier. We entered a "high winds" area filled with Wind power mills.
Before getting to Joshua Tree we stopped at Nine Palms and I got a lemonade. Just a taste of the desert culture there was nothing in the quick mart other than juice and cole slaw.
It was also scorching hot and my lemonade was almost at boil before I managed to drink it all. But then, right before we entered the national park the strangest thing happened. It started raining. And it was raining really hard.
It was a single cloud stretched across the sky lengthwise and it was pouring down intesely on a very slim region, in fact we were driving parallel to it and I think I was only under the rain for about a minute.
Driving into the national park there were several unique bird species visible. We drove for a long time and kept seeing a distinct cloud of a forest fire in the distance.
Right before the campground was a charred section of road with burnt chollas on either side. (We learned later that it was lightning from the storm that had started the fire, and it wasn't put out until after we were gone).
We took several hikes through the desert. The rock formations always fun to climb.
One problem was the killer bees. When this invasive species came from Africa into the Southwest I heard about it, experiencing it was awful. I had the nerve to wear converse sneakers and one of the bees climbed into one of the holes on the side. I sat still in the same position for a good ten minutes until the bee decided to come out of its cavern.

Whenever I started eating an orange or drinking some water, bees everywhere!

On our second day we decided to go buy water at the closest town. On our way down we see a lady with a baby stroller full of empty water bottles. We decided to stop the car to see if she needed a ride. This lady thought she could walk 30 miles without water in the desert. Luckily we picked her up, otherwise she would still be there.
We got to the supermarket and me and my father picked up a few gallons of water. I also went to the Friendly's next door and got a giant ice cream. That was nice. We never saw the lady again, she escaped in the supermaket. But at least she was somewhere where she could get water if she desperately needed it.
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sun through the smoke of a desert …
sun through the smoke of a desert…
KILLER BEES.. the worst thing in m…
KILLER BEES.. the worst thing in …
desert plants.
desert plants.
Me at Skull Rock, frightened by th…
Me at Skull Rock, frightened by t…
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Joshua Tree
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