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The girls get familiar with the local wild life

Monday 27th August

Visit the Capitainnerie to enquire about a winter berth and am very pleased (make that overjoyed) when they say no problem. Arrange to return next Tuesday to have the boat lifted out. Lots of things still to work out but this is real progress! Set off for Marseille feeling much happier than for some time.

We cross the Golfe de Fos and see lots of very big ships. Fortunately none of them are going anywhere, they are all anchored - it must be Monday. Sail around the Isles du Frioul but it looks pretty barren so decide to go into Marseille. Get a berth with no problem as the crew have mastered the art of berthing stern-to as if they have been doing it for years. Think we might need to use the holding tank though as it is about half a mile to the sanitaires.

The day after the night before

Tuesday 28th August

Get up to go sight seeing around Marseille and on the way out pass a boat along the pontoon which has sunk during the night. The recovery crew are there as we leave. I like this city. We had lunch at a very simple restaurant, nothing special but good food fairly priced with friendly service. The kids go out for the evening to research the bars of Marseille. The pick apparently was an Irish bar selling Guinness for 4 euros fifty during the happy hour.

Wednesday 29th August

The young ones leave today so I expect them to be up early, packing, cleaning etc. I’m up at 8am and go for a walk. Come back, no sign of life so go to buy bread for breakfast. They eventually emerge and of course everything gets done. Go to the train station with them from where they take the shuttle to the airport. I have to admit I’m sorry to see them go, they have been good company and have taken to sailing the boat very well. We have been blessed with very calm weather though. I continue with the research into the bars of Marseille and have to say that happy hours are a great invention.

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The girls get familiar with the lo…
The girls get familiar with the l…
The day after the night before
The day after the night before
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