Goodbye JC, hello Jan & Andy and nearly goodbye boat!

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DAY 25

Tuesday 3rd July

Was woken at 6pm by a loud bang which turned out to be the rudder being driven past it’s stop by the current. The man at Pauillac was right, the current here is vicious, a torrent when in full spate. The rudder seems OK but the autopilot sensor must have been damaged as it is not working. Not disastrous and not essential to motoring through canals but probably very expensive.

DAY 26

Wednesday 4th July

A rest and tidying up day. Also met a very friendly Swiss couple who were travelling in the opposite direction and had measured the height of their arch. When I compared it to mine, I should have more clearance through the tunnels than them so I don’t have to take the arch down after all thank goodness.

DAY 27

Thursday 5th July

Said goodbye to JC. He’s been good company and although we are very different we get along very well. I have had the feeling that he was ready to see his wife again after three and a half weeks though. I now have the boat to myself for 2 days until Janet (sister) and Andy arrive.

DAY 29

Saturday 7th July

Jan and Andy arrive from the airport and we just have time to get off and catch the tide up the river. Unfortunately a French boat having had a long pontoon to choose from, has parked right in front so we need to move the boat back. To begin with everything is going well and Andy and I move the boat back, securing the mooring lines as we go, but in my haste to get away I hadn’t secured the bow mooring line properly and the bow starts to swing out. The current catches the boat and swings it around. The bow line is now loose but Andy is still holding the stern line - until it snaps! The boat is now free and is carried about 50 yards by the current, bouncing off a parked boat and then slamming broadside on into the pontoon at the end of the marina where it remains, pinned by the force of the current. While all of this is happening, Janet is helpless on the boat wondering what she has let herself in for and why she ever trusted her idiot of a brother. There doesn’t seem to be any major damage so I I have got off lightly again, now just having a crew who are wondering how they can jump ship and make it back to the airport in time for the next flight home.

sistersailor says:
I was told I was in for a nice relaxing week cruising down a canal!!
Posted on: Jul 22, 2007
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photo by: anywien