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Saturday 28th June

Decide on a visit to Italy in the shape of the island of Capraia. Its not far and Bob decides its time to try out the bosun’s chair again. This time it all goes smoothly and I seem to be the only one who is nervous. Bob is calm as could be and Diane is relaxed enough to take a photo while he is at the top. Unfortunately it is all in vain as there doesn’t seem to be a way of getting the halyard up the inside of the mast. There is a thin piece of string which disappears through a slot near the base of the mast but it is obviously caught on something and Bob couldn’t pull it up.

Set off for Capraia, motoring again - no wind. Tie up to a buoy just outside the harbour aided by a very helpful young man in a rib who dashes around in a very flamboyant way. We seem to arrives just in time as boats soon start queuing up to get on a buoy. The queue builds up because the man in the rib spends quite a long time helping a boat which just happens to be manned(?) by 7 very attractive, bikini-clad young women. There is lots of joking and laughing with everyone having a good time, apart that is from the people on the boats waiting to tie up. Eventually everyone is sorted out. This is beautiful spot and lots of people are swimming but there is so much rubbish in the water.

Get the dingy out for the short ride to shore and then walk up to the village. Choose a restaurant where the waitress doesn’t speak a word of English and we don’t speak a word of Italian. This leads to confusion and we end up with not much to eat except that when I ask for cheese instead of desert, I get enough cheese to stock a small shop for a week. The waitress has lost interest in us by now so give up waiting for coffee. A very expensive meal for not very much, our first disappointment really.

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photo by: Marti1980