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Sailing trip


Left Walton on the Naze with Richard at 6.15am on Saturday 9th June 2007 to sail down to Dover. I n fact there was no wind so we motored most of the way. Arrived 4.45pm after an uneventful trip. The highlight was hearing harbour control at Dover asking the ferry Pride of Dover to wait a few minutes while a small yacht entered the harbour.


Left Dover 7.30am and met Bob, Diane and JC at Eastbourne - nothing else to say. The highlight was hearing JC shouting “Ahoy Captain Pugwash” as we entered the lock leading into Sovereign Harbour. We re-fuelled and set sail for Cherbourg at 6.45pm. Went down for a nap at 11pm and was woken at midnight by JC asking where the fog horn was. Visibility was down to about 50 yards.


Very glad to see if not daylight, at least a lightening of the gloom. At one point the fog lifted enough for us to see a cruise liner about 2 miles astern and an oil tanker about 2 miles off the port beam! Still very foggy but gradually improved as we approached Cherbourg. Not a pleasant crossing. Arrived Cherbourg at 1pm on Monday 11th June.



And then there was one (thoughts from the crew)

Thought one - 5 set out for an adventure

It started like this - Captain (I see no forecast) Dave Evans - I’m taking my boat to the med via Burgundy (or was that Bordeaux) - if you fancy any part of the trip your more than welcome to come - offer made in a pub to three of us - what can you say …. Well what will it be like …. Answer blue skies, flat sea gentle winds …. I’ve been there trust me … anyway if there is a 6 in the forecast we won’t sail (hang on to those to concepts - Force 6 and forecasts.)

But in estate agent sailing speak what was really being said was - Hey I want to fill my boat up with novice sailors sail across the channel and then laugh in the face of the Bay of Biscay … Yes the Bay of Biscay …. The graveyard of ships …. And while were at it use the trip to learn all about sailing.

Thought 2 - hunt the fog horn (CREW OF THREE - me, Diane and first mate Richard)

Eastbourne to Cherbourg is like crossing from one side of theM4 to the other on a Wales v England rugby international - except these are not cars but floating apartment blocks zapping up and down. No problem - you can see them 5 miles away. Fog visibility down to 100 m - where was captain (weather forecasts only worry you ) Evans - in his bunk asleep. He was working on the beginners luck theory of sailing - leave as many beginners in charge as you can and their luck will insure no apartment block will hit you. First mate Richard saw the fear in our eyes and decided on a moral boosting quiz - guess how long we would have to react if one of these blocks loomed out of the fog we all got it wrong - it was 25 seconds …. Very useful at next HRC quiz night. But his moral raising activities didn’t end there - he then started a game of hunt the Fog Horn - a good game - we all lost it - we never found where Dave had hidden it - so we wake him up to say you win ….. What an amazing place to hide it - in with the plates ….. A master stroke !! [you’ll never guess where the flares are …. You guessed it in with the washing up liquid cleaning stuff …. Logical when you think about it].

In case you’re worried we were not hit ….. But I ran out of clean underwear.

Richard left us at Cherbourg and Bob joined us

Then there were 3

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photo by: vixen2306