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My first day in Sydney, i flew in at 11am after leaving Heathrow at 6pm 2 days before. The plane landed and after a loonnngggg wate in baggage (my bag was one of the last.always the way...) i meet my sister who i hadent seen in almost 6 months and who was there traveling too. After sitting on 2 flights with no food (they didnt get my veggie order in ontime, suprise suprise) and no sleep i felt awful, but i was determained to not just fall into bed. After showering and making myself more presentable i started on my treck (and it really was in my frame of mind) from the YHA (wayy, upmarket =p) to Sydney harbour, walking through the pact streets i get to the central chinese gardens. The smells, sounds and sights made me remember i was no longer in england.....that and the incredable 43 degree heat (concering i had jus left england in mid winter....) After i pealed myself off the grass i carry on my journey, determained that the first thing and only thing that would shake me into the fact i was half way across the world was to see the Opera house. I wandered through the Botanical gardens and eventually found the path ( i liked wandering through the trees but after a while i didnt quite know where i was !) i followed the path and i turned a corner to be confrunted with the Opera house and it was the biggest wake up call any amount of sleep could give me. Needless to say...i was running around Sydney for the rest ofthe day, shopping, 'doing lunch' and finishing a perfect day by getting wasted with my sister... stunnin' !
Adrian_Liston says:
You were unlucky to get Sydney in the mid-40s, usually it is more moderate than that :)

American airlines have now officially given up trying to feed vegetarians :(
Posted on: Sep 16, 2007
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