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In front of the Roman aquaduct. I'm a ham.

We outsmarted the Turkish girls this morning.  We beat them to the shower!  This was a big deal to us because they had taken about 3 hours in the bathroom the day before.  This time, we got them back!  Just kidding.  We really needed to get out of there and get to Segovia.  That was the day trip we had planned.

Segovia is very beautiful and very small.  It is known as a UNESCO World Heritage sight.  It's actually my mom's goal to visit every single one in the world.  But I think there are literally a million.  Well, this was my 4th World Heritage sight, at least.  Sometimes we visit them without knowing that they are.  But in Segovia, they made it their business to tell you that they were a World Heritage sight.

It's pretty big
  So we spent the day there looking at the sights and making our way to "Sleeping Beauty's Castle."  No kidding, the Disneyland castle is actually modeled after this one.  It's a real castle.  What a sight.  And the water was even better here than in Madrid!  I just kept going to the bathroom and filling up a bottle straight from the tap.  I'm a California girl and that is unheard of there.  Not because you'll get sick by drinking tap water (well, maybe if you live in LA) but because it tastes so gross.  Well, here it tasted like fresh water from a spring.  No kidding. 

Segovia is really a day trip kind of place.  We didn't need to stay much longer than that.  But it was such a nice was to get out of the city and to enjoy our last days in Spain.  That night we had one final dinner with our friends and our new friend from Israel and the next morning we flew home.

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In front of the Roman aquaduct.  I…
In front of the Roman aquaduct. …
Its pretty big
It's pretty big
Its actually a church!
It's actually a church!
Its not Sleeping Beautys Castle.…
It's not Sleeping Beauty's Castle…
One last dinner!  Not one of us ha…
One last dinner! Not one of us h…
photo by: Mortyzia