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Today was just another day back on the work scene. 24 work days left until my departure. Man, this is getting exciting. I registered my own domain today, that will display this travel blog... The idea is that people can find this quickly and easily without having to use booksmarks or search, and I can keep people up to date on my progress.

Also, I got a volunteer to post my journal [blog] entries every day. There will be a few day initial lag until I can get to a post office, but the plan is that the great kate will do all the dirty work of transforming the paper and ink accounts of my adventures into digital artifacts. Thanks Kate, you are a fantastic cousin. I knew that our parents were brother and sister for a reason...

Next on the todo list: I need to go through the mail drop locations for the first part of the trip and come up with a list of places where people will be able to send me letters and care packages. Or maybe that is being too optimistic. I think that people will be really jazzed to hear that I am taking the trip when I leave, and maybe send a couple in the beginning, but once the time starts to wear on, they will most likely forget and they will say "I was gonna send you a package, but...[insert lame excuse here]." I suppose that only time will tell.

Anyway, I think that it is time to get some sleep in, so that I can do some good mileage tomorrow. I am planning training hike number 5 this weekend with Justin S, so that should be a good time. I am gonna try to keep the mileage rather low and just load up the pack to wear myself out. Trying to hike 16 miles last time was simply too much, and I think I would be better served by doing less mileage more often and just getting my head in the game...
David says:
Look forward to reading about your adventures. Sounds like a test in fortitude along with physical endurance.
Posted on: Apr 10, 2006
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