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The Heatly School second graders.
I think I mentioned once before that I was getting involved with a project with the Second Grade class at the Heatly School in Green Island. Special thanks to Miss Goss, who helped to set this up and get these kids involved in something that I like to think is pretty cool. Hopefully a few of these kids get something out of it and may have an interest in the outdoors or conservation or not getting eaten by a bear or a pack of wolverines. Who knows.

So I came into the school at about 11:45 in preparation for a 12:30 talk. The hardest part was the waiting. As the kids pourded out of the cafeteria after lunch and walked past me, I got a light of giggles, looks of shock and awe, and waves as they tried to figure out exactly who I was. The suspense didn't last ofr too long as I quickly set up my stuff and then introduced myself.
Wearing the rain coat, just in case of some indoor showers.
Their excellent teacher handed out some packets that she had made up which detailed the equipment, supplies, and food that they thought I should bring while going on the trail. We went over a couple of these things and I explained why it wouldn't be a good idea to bring milk, watermelons, pizza, guns, or fireworks on my trip with me. They followed right along and were surprisingly interested and attentive. I have a really hard time judging what age kids are, and I'm never really sure what a 7even year old is like. Much like Adam Sandler in "Big Daddy" - can you wipe your own ass? But these guys were cool. They knew what was going on and they asked very good and relevant questions.

After a short overview of the trip I was taking - the whowhatwhenwherewhyhow...
Nice. Real Nice.
I got right into what they wanted to see, what was in my backpack. Some of the favorites were the stove and pot stand, the water purifier, and the inflatable air mattess. In the pictures, you can see one of these clowns trying on my [empty] backpack and looking like he was having a good time. I suppose that there really wasn't that much stuff to show them, since I am trying to stay pretty minimal, and they all had a really good idea of what things where and how they worked, so more than them being impressed by me, I was impressed by them. When I was that age, I couldn't even tell the difference between a dog and a cat.

We wrapped up the session with a cozy question and answer session. Questions included:

  • Where will you shower?
  • Where will you go to the bathroom?
  • How will you get food?
  • Will you see any bears?
  • How come you aren't going to bring fireworks?
All good questions. All with good answers. All in all a very worthwhile experience for both sides. I am looking forward to getting some letters from the Heatly Second Grade and also am kind of excited to send them some pictures and a story or two from my big adventure.

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The Heatly School second graders.
The Heatly School second graders.
Wearing the rain coat, just in cas…
Wearing the rain coat, just in ca…
Nice. Real Nice.
Nice. Real Nice.
Demonstrating something cool, appa…
Demonstrating something cool, app…
Lets go hiking.
Let's go hiking.
The class and I.
The class and I.
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