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Today I got James from the Rensselaer Train station. For those who don't know, James is my brother and hiking partner and is pretty much exactly like me. We get along great and also enjoy making fun of stupid people together. His train got delayed due to signaling problems, so they got to go a blurring 8 miles per hour for the last hour of the trip. Pooptastic. Oh well, will all the news that I have heard about all the Amtrak crashes over the years, its probably better that they didn't press their luck and go for the big money, because I would honestly rather have my bro here in one piece than try to be taping legs back onto him or something horrible like that. Lets thank the gods of safe travel and train conducting for another safe Baldauf passage.

Then it was time for dinner. The one thing about James that you will immediately notice is that he is a twig. 6'2" and about 165 lbs soaking wet with pockets full of rocks, quarters, and some scrap steel. The thing that you might NOT notice right away is that he eats like he weighs 600 lbs, which makes me incredibly jealous. We went to Moe's where he at like 52 bajillion tacos with extra hot sauce and washed it down with some root beer. What a meal. I know I am going to be not getting hot, prepared food like this for a while, so I am stocking up now. I have put on a couple of lbs, but I am not too worried about it, since I am pretty sure its all gonna get dropped in a hurry after I get out there.

Oh well folks, time to get back to the cleaning. I'm in the process of moving out of my apartment and need to get it all pretty before i take off.

Happy Hiking
* Norm
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Ok folks, its 12:01. I'm sitting at my computer whose monitor is propped up on a card table so old that dinosaurs looked in my window before and made fun of how old it was. Whats left here? Me. My Brother. My computer. A pair of shoes. And everything I'm taking on my trip. It's definately a weird feeling to know that in the morning, I am going to leave this place and not ever come back. I mean I have lived here for 2 years, and this isn't my first apartment, but I kind of feel tied to it somehow. I have a lot of great memories that have happened here and a couple of shitty ones, but all in all it's been a wild ride. I gotta give an obiligitory shout out to the Brad. He has been a fantastic roommate during this time, especially recently, having put up with some crazzzzzzy stuff while I have been in  trip preparation mode: "Hey dude, is it ok if I just set up this tent in the middle of the living room and let a family of Lemurs test it out for a couple of weeks?" "uhhhhhhhhh, sure." But seriously, I feel like the last two months have been incredibly hectic and have all been building to this huge gigantic enormous thing, and I have had lots of support along the way. Brad included. I just hope it starts to feel real soon, because as of right now, it still feels like I'm watching a movie that someone else is starring in.

Well, now it's 12:08 AM, and I have realized how late it is, and how incredibly exhausted I am, and how I really ought to try to get some sleep. Sleeping on the floor in your apartment is somehow different than doing it out in the woods. I don't know if its because of the fact that when you are hiking all day, you just get so tired that you don't even care where you sleep - for instance, I did an overnight hike once, slept the whole night through with my foot stuck in a bear trap, didn't even bat an eyelash. Boy was that a surprising morning. I think it has something to do with routine. I have been used to coming home and eating dinner and finally laying down in my comfortable bed that is comfortable and very beddy. But now I don't have that, I am in my element but something is different, and I think that causes an unsettled feeling and keeps me from really sleeping soundly.

Seriously though, its time for sleep. Shout out to the Heatly 1st and 2nd graders. They drew me pictures of animals that I might see along the trail. One of them had a hand drawn sign that read "Randeer crossing... YO". So now I am fully prepared if I run into any strapped reigndeer from the hood.

Happy Sleeping Suckas
photo by: norm1487