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The Saddlebacks - what can I say? It was a great climb. Very exhilirating. I used my secret weapon today - Vitamin C Power Blast!. This is a vial of vitamins and stimulants that my sister sent me in my last mail drop, and it damn near made my heart stop. 537 milligrams of caffiene, guarana, ginseng, and meth may be a little much for this guy. I was having a grand old time, even through the afternoon downpour.

What happened at the shelter was magic. Myself, Lug & Zama, Buree & Roo, Tins & Trooper, Cedar Moe (whom I just met today and is cool shit in my book) all had a grand old time with a pack of 15 year old girls from a camp in the area. The best part was watching a game of "big spoon", which is similar to rock - paper - scissors, but the loser is forced to eat a serving spoon full of unwanted dinner. Imagine hearing this ::dons best 15 year old girl voice:: "Last night I had to big spoon a whole pot of cheesy rice, and I totally puked everywhere!" Hilarious. Maybe its one of those things where you had to be there, but I hope not, because if you ever get a fraction of the humor out of it that I did, it will be worth me retelling it.

One more thing, I RAN the last mile of the trail today. I'm kind of proud. 14 1/2 minutes, wearing my pack. I know, its not a six minute mile or anything, but it would have been inconcievable when I first got out here, so I add it to my list of accomplishments.
X_Drive says:
Do you realize that you running speed was barely over 4 miles per hour? Granted, with a pack that isn't easy, but my dad, a mail carrier was able to do it day in and day out for years. Don't take this as a wrong. Being able to accomplish this will make you stronger and able to do even more. Congratulations!
Posted on: Oct 03, 2006
Amanda says:
I don't know, I cracked up at the whole "cheesy rice" thing... I think it's pretty funny!! Congrats on the run! I can't even IMAGINE being able to do that!!
Posted on: Oct 03, 2006
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