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What a nice, easy day. I had an incredible breakfast with Wane-No, Tataruga and Poncho at Pine Ellis (thanks Paul & Ilene) and got a ride to the trailhead on South Arm from Ilene. Now I know that I am not leaving from the same spot that I came into town on, but so what? This is my hike, and if I want to do that, then so be it.

The weather today is perfect. The air is cool and crisp and it just feels like a great day to be outside, in the mountains, in the middle of nowhere, by myself. I stopped for a long time at a viewpoint to just sit and enjoy it, eat a lot, and catch up on my journal. It was a nice relaxing day, all in all.

I arrived at the shelter around 4, to find that the water source was putrid and nearly dry - not the best to be drinking. So when Buree and her sister Roo showed up, I scrubbed some water purification drops. I always filter my water, but I wanted to be doubly sure. The three of us sat and talked for a while over an early dinner, and just when I was hoping to have the shelter all to myself, TINS and Trooper showed up. These guys are a great story: father and 14 year old son hiking the trail together. And they had their stuff together, but I suppose you have to to make it to Maine. I have a lot of respect for the pair, and I'm a little jealous that I didn't get a chance to do that when I was a kid.

The night ended when Huff showed up and made me feel like a huge wuss. Here is this 60+ year old dude who stayed in town with me last night and DIDN'T skip the section that I did and STILL made it in before dark. Oh well, I will just have to come back and make it up some other time. It will give me another opportunity to stay at the Pine Ellis B&B and appreciate the beauty that is Maine.
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Bemis Mountain Shelter, ME