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Decided that today was going to be a short day - 6 miles, but unfortunatly that did not make it an easy one.  I had breakfast (all you can eat BABY!) with Bob, a sixty something retiree who had hiked the entire presidential range yesterday.  We chatted and joked and it was very interesting to talk with someone who had so many interesting things to say.  I saw No Cheese and Night Rider walking into the Highland Center Complex (where the "hostel" was) just as Bob gave me a ride back to the trail head.  I found it odd that he took so much pride in the fact that he was able to coast for 3.4 miles without using the gas pedal, but he likes cavemen, so he gets a pass.

I caught up with Fastlane just as I crossed the road to get back on the trail and we leapfrogged each other pretty much all morning.  We climbed the Webster Cliffs, which were about as straight up and down as you can get without being officially vertical.  If it was any more steep, I would have needed a climbing harness.  But it was fun.  Over Mount Jackson, and then an easy jaunt to the hut.  I know I have a huge day tomorrow, so I am trying to save my strength for that.

I did my "work for stay" duties, which included cleaning the old rotting food sink, washing the windows, and cutting the grass.  I ate heartily and hung around with Fastlane and "Just Joe."  He is a southbounder who is going to do 11 more miles today, bringing him up to 30.  Lots of respect for that.  After dinner, we were all treated to an impromptu fiddle concert by some guy in a band.  He was incredible, and everyone loved it.

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Mizbah Springs Hut, NH