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Yesterday was probably the worst day on the trail so far, and today was probably the best.  I've heard it said that it is darkest before the dawn.  I got an excellent breakfast at the hut, thanks to Erica, Hillary, Andy, and Rebecca for teh chocolate chip cinnamon muffins.  They were totally delish.  I got down into Fianconia Notch in less than an hour and called for a shuttle into town, but it was 18 dollars.  Eighteen dollars!  I would easily pay that to get back from a bar in Albany, but not on the trail.  I am thrifty and hitched in.  I rode into Lincoln with the nicest family I have ever met.  Mom and Dad and FIVE kids were leaving the campground and made room in their minivan for a smelly thru hiker and his smellier pac.  This trip is kind of restoring my faith in humanity.  But I think it's regional.  People in big cities are less likely to help you out, because they have probably been ripped off more often.  But enough rambling....

I got groceries and second breakfast - yogurt and banana.  Now it may seem confusing to you, but there are three Lahout's stores in Lincoln: the discount store, the ski shop, and the hiker store.  It was even more confusing to me.  And since I needed shoes, a new pole, and a wind breaker, I had to go to all three.  It was a crazy run around town.  Ski shop, hiking store, ski shop, discount store, ski shop, discount store.  ugh.  Then to subway for a senseble third breakfast.  I was ready to hit the trail though.

I got a pretty quick hitch out of town, which was unfortunate because I kind of wanted to stay and watch the trained bear show. Eh, it happens.  I got back on the trail by 12:30.  New shoes and pole, a great nights sleep and some good food made me feel so much better than yesterday.

Today was the first time I had spent an extended period of time above treeline and it was an awe inspiring experience.  Being able to see EVERYTHING is so much different.  The trail ahead and behind and all of the other mountain ranges.  The walking wasn't tough, and it flew by because it wasn't anything I wasn't used to. 

So the afternoon flew by and I made it to Mount Garfield by about seven o'clock.  There I was introduced to a really nice guy who talked the trail with me and gave me some granola bars.  I didn't really need them, but I was graciouse and didn't want to say no.  I thought about stopping, but I was feeling it and wanted to get to the hut.  It was a tough hike, but I made it in a decent time.

I spent a good night at the Galehead hut, got breakfast and hit the road after having to sweep the floor.  Piece of cake.

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Galehead Hut, NH