Day 51

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We got a late start today.  James hiked back down to the car with Sis, and then back up with the food that we left in teh car overnight.  The hiking was pretty easy and we just kept pushing on with the goal of making it to the firetower on top of Smart Mountain.  We stopped near a road where someone had left some delicious trail magin.  Mountain Dew and Baby Ruth. mmmmmmm mmmmmmm good.  As we sat and enjoyed our savory morsels, a bike rider passed and stopped to talk to us.  He gave us the skinny on the fireworks and barbeque party going on three minutes down the road.  Of course we stopped in, checking for free food.  The problem was that it was 4:30 and they didn't start serving until 6.  We decided not to hang around, even thought it was about as tempting as all-you-can-eat-chicken-and-fireworks.  We left, Scott's pack being a few beers heavier, and we were back on track... for 5 minutes, where we came across Bill Ackuly's house.  He offered ice cream to the hikers in exchange for your trail name and age.  Done... and done.

Now it was time to head out again.  This time for real.  We road walked to the next trail head and ate something to prepare for the climb.  It was tough but nothing to cry tears made of battery acid and vinegar about.  We reached teh firetower and checked out the view.  Pretty astonishing.  No matter how many times I see something like that, it always strikes me with beauty.

We spent the night in the cabin, which was pretty run down.  Night Rider chose to sleep in the firetower with the 45 mile an hour winds.  Again, super guardian angerl.  It tried to sleep early to make up for the last two nights of poor sleep, but it didn't work.  Everyone else watched the fireworks from the tower, but I just wasn't feelin it.  Every party needs a pooper, or so they say.

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Smarts Mountain Shelter, NH