Day 50

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Scott and James needed to go to the outfitters, Scott for a new stover, and James because he was driving Margie's car.  Those two dudes went back to the car in the AM, picked up Marg and my stuff, so we could slackpack, and headed off for teh day, with the plans of meeting us right before the final climb up Moose Mountain.

So my wonderful sister and I hiked the morning away together, just walking and talking and catching up.  We met Hero, section hiker from Bear Mountain, NY to Maine.  He started with his mom, but a sprained ankle forced her to leave teh trail.  We also met a Ridge Runner, who was on his very first day of dut.  You could tell.  That's ok, I'm sure he will get the hang of it soon. 

We met No Cheese and Night Rider about 10 minutes before the parking lot in which the car was parked.  Once we got to the car, we headed straight to the country store so we could grab some lunch.  Margie couldnt wait to eat because she really hadn't had anything all day.  We grabbed enough for lunch and some mac adn cheese for dinner.  Full bellies make happy hikers.

The hike to the top was ok, it was a little tough and getting late in teh day.  As sooon as we got to the summit (2222 feet) it started to pour.  More rain is not what we needed.  This wasn't your regular afternoon showers, this was an icy afternoon deluge.  And it was so sudden that by the time wego our raingear on, it had stopped.  No we were wet and covered in raingear, so the smell could marinade properly.

The rest of the night was filled with eating abd a little booze, a sorry excuse for a campfire and SMORES.  Possibly the gratest food in the history of camping.  Margie had hers sans marshmellows, because of the gelatin in the mallows, James had his with no chocolate, because of the lactose, and I had mine without graham crackers, just to be difficult.  Scott had a mega-bonehead move when he dropped his graham cracker into the pile of hot coals and tried to use his finger to retrieve it.  He used the phrase, "I'm going into the bears den!" as he plunged his hand toward multi-hundred degree coals.  I swear, the kid has a guardian angel that works triple overtime.

J and Scott stayed in the shelter with Hero, and Margie and I tened to get away from the bugs.  I didn't sleep all that well, but it happens.  Thanks to Margie for all the smores and for coming hiking.  We love you and appreciate all the help that you've given us on this trip.

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Moose Mountain Shelter, NH