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Finally in New Hampshire!  Woohoo!  The trip into Hanover was entirely uneventful, except for the fact that the countrystore in West Hartford (VT) was altogether, totally and fully closed.  Bummer.  We crossed the Connecticut River and took some pictures of the VT/NH plaque demarking the borderline between the two politcal juggernauts. For the uneducated, Hanover, NH is the home of Dartmouth College, so we are in ivy league territory now.  We asked some dude for a place to eat and then he told us that we smelled like dead feet.  I cleared it up when I explained that it was only mostly dead feet.

We were unpacking in front of the main dining hall when we spotted some dudes in board shorts and towels.  "They are going somewhere wet," exclaimed Night Rider.  He asked them where they were headed and they told us the legend of the infamous Dartmouth ropeswing.  We had to check it out, so we tagged along.

The rope swing was cool and uber dangerous.  A 30 foot drop into an icy river isn't exactly what I considered a blast, so I left that up to the NoCheese/Night Rider bonehead crew.  Peer pressure almost got to me, but any time I do anything risky like that I wind up getting X-Rays and I have too much hiking left to do for that nonsense.

The Psi Upsulon Brothers were very hospitable.  They gave us a place to shower, a ride to the store, and a BBQ.  What more could you ask for from a group of total strangers.  We got some beer and started to party while we waited for Margie pants to show up.  We had plenty of time since she was driving through Friday rush-hour traffic on I-95.  The 5 hour trip wound up taking her 7 and a half, so we played some beer pong - Dartmouth style - with paddles.  This wasn't exactly my best showing at a drinking game, but that didn't stop me from talking trash, or getting my ass handed to me.

Marg finally showed up late in the evening and we packed up our stuff, loaded the car, and set out for some tipsy night hiking.  We actually didn't fair to poorly.  We lost the trail once, had one wet food, and one fall.  It was only a mile and a half but it could have been a lot worse.  The shelter was full of Southbounders stuff but they moved it without even asking.  We got all set up and crashed right away.

The bugs in the shelter were abominable.  You had to sleep fully cacooned inside of your sleeping bag, which wasn't a problem for anyone except Margie, who had dad's zero degree bag and woke up in the morning medium well.  I gave her my silk liner, which is like a sheet, to use instead of the sleeping bag, but she used it in addition, bringing her status up to well done.

The other main event of the night was the sleep screamer.  I don't know what this dude was up to, but he just kept screaming, "Daddy!... Daddy!"  After I heard his tent unzip, I clicked on my headlamp to find him wandering the campsite.  Weird.. Anyways, thanks again to the Psi Upsulon Brother.  If you are ever in NY and want to see how beer pong is actually played, just give me a call. 1-800-NORMITO


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