Day 44

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Today was all about disappointment.  We were walking all day with the promise of burgers and ice cream.  Seriously kuje a dream come true for a crew of filthy smelly hikers.  We arrived at the Mineiva Hinchey Shelter on the fence of whether we should sotp there for the night or push on 4 more miles to the Clarendon Shelter.  On the way, there was a burger joint only about half mile off the trail.  If there was any question, Margo's not in the shelter register made up our mind for us.  It said, "NoCheese/Night Rider/Norm: Come to the Inn Monday night.  Guiness on tap."  That was all the motivation we needed.  If we were going to make it to the Inn Monday, we had to push on today.  So we did.  We passed Clarendon Gorge, which is apparently a popular local swimmin hole, and crossed over a really old and rickety suspension bridge.  Copious Indiana Jones quotes were used.  "Cover your heart Indy!"  Man, I wish Brad was with us.

So, over the bridge right up to the road.  Burgers!  We were all psyching ourselves up with what we are going to order.  "7 bacon double cheeseburgers with double french fries."  We saw the building and sprinted there.  It was like a ghost town.  It's  6:30pm, and they close at 6 on Sunday.  DAMMIT!  We didn't know what to do. How could it be? So we just sat at the picnic table for a little bit, half hoping it was a joke and someone might pop out and say, "JUST KIDDING!"  Didn't happen. So we walked back to the trail and trudged the last mile up the hill to the shelter.  We thought we had the gorgeous shelter to ourselves, but we were joined by a section hiker who didn't give us his name, so we will call him Paul.  He looked like a Paul.  Paul gave us a bunch of food.  He was on his first day and rationed for seven but hadn't eaten much.  So we chowed down we he gave us and were almost full.  Thanks for the venecin jerky Paul.  It got us down the road.  Guiness tomorrow.  See ya there.

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Clarendon Shelter, VT