Day 35

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Today was my absolute favorite day on the trail so far.  Mike agreed to pick up our stuff, so we could slack pack(only carry what we need while walking).  He also agreed to pick up No Cheese, since his ankle is really bothering him.  Might as well take the opportunity for rest while he can.

Before we even met up with Mike, I was overjoyed, since I was crossing the footbridge over I-90.  This is by no means the first interstate we have crossed, or the largest, but I have driven it the most, and each and every time I drove it I said "I'm going to walk over that bridge one day, when I hike the A.T."  Today was that day.  I had the biggest smile on my face.  It was seriously like a dream come true.  We took some pictures and then scurriend off to meet Mike.

Mike rules.  He brought Dunkin Donuts coffee and grabbed our non-essentials, giving us super speed for the day.  Since James was down for the count, it was Scott and I.  There were a couple of rough spots, but on the whole it was flat and really easy.  We cleared the 21 miles by 3p.m. and headed through Dalton to the fun house.  Awesome.  I never thought I would make it this far.  And I did.  It's a pretty spectacular feeling.

The to top it all off: the scale.  This was a huge moment for me.  If i was under 200 (I knew it was close) that would be the first time in a decade, and mean that I had lost a full hundred pounds.  I stepped on... 201.6.  Holy crap!  Close.  I took off my sweaty hiker clothes... 198.6. BAM!  Another goal accomplished!  Drinks are on me tonight.  When I get back from this crazy adventure, I'm having a house warming/ loosing 100 lbs party with... you guessed it... a keg of guiness.

We passed the rest of the day with BBQ's, beers, tomfoolery, and just general good times.  I stayed up all the way until 1am, which is a feat when you are used to turning in at 8:30 or so.  Thanks to Mike, Paul, and Bobby for their hospitality.  It means a ton that you would take me in for the weekend and help me out.  It's a big deal for me and it's great to know that I have such great friends.

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