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To explain the events of last night, I feel teh best medium would be rap.  Old school rap, where a story is told.  As I am a writere, and not a rapper, this is meant to be performed by none other than Vanilla Ice.

We rolled into the shelter early in the night
We had just watched the sunset - what an awesome sight
There were three old ladies and one little kid
"The shelters too small, we're gonna have to squeeze"
Thats when I shouted "Bitch, Please!"
This lean-to holds twelve
There are only 4 of you, we're sleeping here
now whatcha gonna do?
They didn't say nothing, they stood their quiet
We stormed the top bunks in a drunked hiker riot
No cheese got himself
up in the loft
there was still enough room
for Bush and Ashcroft
Within five minutes we were ready for bed
I laid right down to rest my weary head
That was right when the real problems started
this old hiker broad - she just farted!
"Wheres my socks?
There's a bug on my knee.
I don't give a hoot,
I'm thirsty!"
My wonderful day had just gone sour
They just kept going until the bewitching hour
I tried to sleep, I really needed it
but the flashlight in my eyes was pure bullsh*t
I couldn't belive this whole ordeal
I wrote this song to tell you how I feel
So here's to "Granny-Bus" and your whole hiking crew
Enjoy your trip, I hope you do
But if I run into you again,
I'd much rather sleep in a bear's den.

They were un-freakin believable.  "Are these your socks?" "Wheres my heartworm medication?" "Can I put this skunk in your pack?"  I had to leave camp early only after apologizing to Cornstick for coming in so late.  She understood and knew we weren't the problem.  Oh well, life goes on. 

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Wilcox South Lean-To, MA