Day 28

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So I am no military expert, but I am willing to bed we are near some kind of military base.  Clues: constant gunfire in the distance, tank tracks in the woods, and 4 squads of commandos marching past our tent at 6a.m.  A lot of the spirit of the A.T. is about conservation and all that stuff, so it doesn't exactly makes sense for 100 G.I. Joes to be stomping through the woods with full rucks.  Oh well, life goes on.  I'm not going to start getting caught up in politics, because that's when it gets un-fun.

I left camp before the young-ins because they were taking their sweet time, and they hike faster than me anyway.  It was a great little hike in the morning by myself.  Heard a lot of gunshots and tank fire.  I passed Canopis Lake, which had a beautiful beach that I would have loved to swim in if it wasn't 60 degrees out.  No Cheese and Night Rider caught up to me right before our lunch stop at the RPH Shelter.  It was fantastic.  4 walls with a back porch and a well pump - no filtering.  James and I have been feeling pretty bleh, so we decided to chow down.  Bagels, wraps, peanut butter, poptarts, chex mix, the works.  There was a deli in 3 miles, so we will resupply there.  The journey there seemed very quick, because J, Scott, and I were taking about life, and all types of interesting topics.

The deli was very hiker friendly - they had a trail register inside of the store, which is incredibly rare.  James got 2 sandwhiches, and I got 3.  Slightly gluttenous, but you have NO idea what kind of appetite we are working with here.  We also picked up some food to hold us over until Kent, which is a day away, and most importantly... beer.  Five 24oz cans of Bud Light.  Hey, its Friday, its early, and we only have 4 more miles to hike.  We saddled up our packs and headed out for the easy stretch to the shelter.

Night Rider stayed at the deli waiting for a ride back to Long Island.  He needs to do some work on his car or something, so that he can sell it.  He should be back on Sunday though.

When we got to the shelter, we met PackMule and Blue Bird, two self proclaimed hippies, Keith, who was doing his last 20 miles of the trail to complete to whole A.T., and ESP, a college student out for the summer.  We (James and I) drank beers and hung out with everyone and basically had a grand old time.
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