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Ugh. Double Ugh.  If the rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain, then the rain in Harriman State Park falls mainly on our hears.  It poured all day today and made us (me, No Cheese, Night Rider, and some other hiker named Gaul) miserable.  It was rough.  We started off the day by heading out to the Tiorate Circle, where there are rest rooms and vending machines - this is like an oasis for warly hikers.  We each downed a Vault - "Kicks like an energy drink, drinks like a soda."  This perked us up a whole lot and led to a whole lot of singing and tomfoolery.  I'm willing to bed that the Jagermeister may have helped in that department.  So we walked on until the buzz wore off and stopped for lunch at the Breing Memorial Shelter.  We were joined by 5 chinese folks who didn't appear to speak english and weren't all that concerned with pack weight.  They had charcoal briguettes and 8 huge steaks.  It was a pretty big change from the spartan lifestyle that we have become accustomed to living.

We trudged on and covered about 14 miles in total.  Just when we thought that we might find relief at the Bear Mountain Inn, we saw the sign stating that it was closed until April 2006 for renovations.  The government rules! At this point, we didnt have too many options:
A) continue 2 more miles to a tent site and set up our tents in the pouring rain and sleep in (presumably) wet sleeping bags.
B) continue 5 miles to the ballfield pavillion at the Greymoor Friary.  This would get us out of teh rain, but not the cold, and we still have teh issue of the wet sleeping bags.
C) Get off the trail for the night at the Bear Mountain Bridge Motel, get a hot shower, some good food, a little beer, and VH1 Movies That Rock.

I'll take dry, full, and the Temptations for $7500 please, Alex.  So now we has a plan of action.  Great.  We just had to make it through the zoo.

Calling the Bear Mountain Zoo a zoo to begin with is a stretch, but kicking us out because it was close to closing time was unacceptable.  the animals in there were totally cool, because they are what you hope to see on the trail, but probably never will.  Bobcat, porcupine, coyote, fox, otter, bear.  I would have hung around for a couple of hours had I been given the opportunity.  But it wasn't meant to be.

We headed for the motel and got the last room for $80.  A better value may have been to go across the street to the Holiday Inn Express, but that would have been more like $120.  Whatever, it kept us dry.  Thanks to the "old, broke down hiker" that picked us up in his van and drove us to the motel.  That last half mile would have been the longest of my life.
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