Day 25

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Three words: over. lee. ambitious.  We decided it would be smart to try to do 26.5 miles today.  A little more than a marathon.  But the terrain didn't quite lend itself to that.  We stumbled into camp at 8p.m. after an energy sapping 12 and a half hour hiking day.  I don't think we are going to be trying anything like that anytime soon.  But it was good for something - it let me know that I could.  The tank was definitly empty, and it was uncomfortable, but good to know I could still hammer it out when needed.

Fitzgerald Falls was awesome.  Views are cool, but the natural stuff impresses me more.  This was a cascading waterfall with bright green moss on all sides with dark gray rocks at the base of the falls.  A woman was at the bottom, with her two sons, and she gave NoCheese and I apples.  They were ice cold and hit the spot. 

Other things of note:  We saw what I think was a copperhead snake, we went through the lemon squeezer, a rock formation that gets pretty tight as you inch through it, and we finished up at Fingerboard Shelter, a place that we stayed at porbably 10 years ago now.  It was the start of the infamous "apricot trip," which I will explain more about at a later date.
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Fingerboard Shelter, NY