Day 20

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Okay, we need to cover 20 miles today and 15 miles tomorrow in order to make it to my pick up location near High Point State Park, NJ.  We were crusing in tha morning, but hit a little snag when "no Cheese's" poison sumac really started to flair up.  He has poision ivy once, and it spread throughout his body via his blood stream and he had festering boils over 90% of his body for 2 months.  Kind of sucky.  He nearly lost it at around 10:30 when we stopped to get water.  We were right near a road and was as close to complete dispair as I have ever seen him.  He's a strong dude, but just knowing what happened the last time would bug me too.  So right after we pumped water we met some people on a road.  Apparently they were from a YMCA (go Village People!) camp and they told us that the nurse at the camp could probably help us.

Us: How far is the camp?
Counselor 1: I dunno, maybe 3 or 4 miles
::walk, walk, walk::
Us: How far is it to the camp?
Councelor 2: 10 minutes top

Apparently they aren't stressing distance measurement at this camp.  We headed down (it took about 8 or 9 minutes) and were stopped on the road before the entrance to the camp by the maintance director.  He thoroughly questioned us and told us that they wouldn't be able to do anything for us, but if we wanted to, we could still go to the camp office and take a shot.  We did and we were able to scour come first aid cream and antisceptic wipes.  Better than nothing.  On the way back we ran into some kids from the camp and they were all pretty impressed with our adventure.  Here's an excerpt:

Kid 1: What do you eat?
Kid 2: (to kid 1, before J could answer): McDonalds you IDIOT!
James: No, not McDonalds, mail drops
Kid 1: Parachute from a plane?

We made it back to the trail and stopped after 20 minutes to eat.  But the bugs were absolutely unbearable! If you stopped moving, they swarmed you.  So we ate our bagel and icing sandwhiches pacing back and forth when we heard it.... thunder, big time.  We hurried up because this storm was a doozy.  We charged into it and at one point were duck walking along a ridge while lightning was striking the next ridge about a mile away.  It subsided and we hiked into Culver's Gap.  We opted to pass us Gyp's Tavern and charge head first into an incredibly intense thunderstorm.  We pounded 2 Red Bulls (thanks Brad) and literally ran up this mountain without stopping.  It was the most alive that I have felt in years.  We took some cool pictures at the Culver Fire Tower, just as the storm passed.  We hoofed it to the shelter and called home.  We are going home tomorrow!


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Gren ANderson Shelter, NJ