Day 19 - Mohican Center

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Today we bid farewell to PA, and all of its rockiness.  If anyone says Pennsylvania isn't rocky, they are lying.  If they tell you that it is, it is an understatement.  The seven miles into town of Deleware Water Gap were easy ones.  Mostly soft rolling hills on wide dirt roads.  Groundhog, No Cheese, and myself were playing with some bullfrogs and getting some pretty interesting action photos just before we hit town.

When we did get into town, it was magic.  Trail Magic.  The nicest lasy saw us walking down the street and asked us if we were hikers.  When we told her yes, she told us to come into her house and gave us delicious, delicious coffee.  It really hit the spot.  Then she gave us the whole layout of the town.  Basically one street with everything on it, right within walking distance.  Hiker heaven.  We sat down and had an amazing meal at the Trail End Cafe.  Breakfast burrito and veggie chili for me, chicken club for No Cheese.  This food was so well prepared and definately friendly to the hiker budget.  Special thanks to Betsy.  She not nly let me charge my cell phone while we ate, she said we could leave it plugged in until we were leaving town to get a full charge.  Then to the post office.  We were expecting 2 boxes: our "bounce box" which has stuff that we might need at every town - soap, duct tape, spare socks; and one box of food.  There was no place to get fuel for our stove in town, so we would up sending over half of it home, pluse we were doing our best to drop weight, so that we could cover miles quickly in the coming days.  I got rid of my long underwear top, one shirt, my knee brace, my camping pillow, some maps and papers that I didn't need any longer.  To my surprise, I had a third, unexpected box waiting for me.  It was a car package from the one and only, "The Brad."  Red bull, beef jerky, granola bars, and a magazine with all the non-essentials cut out for weight - the perfect set of gifts for the weary hiker.  Thanks Brad, i mean it.

Just as we finished packing the boxes to be mailed home (we are heading to Long Island for the weekend on Friday) the mail lady took her lunch break.  This was my fault, because the sign was right there, and I just missed it.  Oh well.  We decided to head next door to the hiker hostel where Groundhog was staying.  He needed to stay in town and wait on a package, so we are parting ways for a bit today.  The hostel was amazing.  CD player, shower, couch, clean.  Perfect in every way.  We hung out there for a bit, reading the register and just b.s.'ing.   Then we headed back to the post office to mail our boxes and then NORTH.

We crossed the Delaware River on the toll bridge, which was pretty intense.  If you stopped, you could feel teh whole structure bend and flex as teh cars passed.  Craziness.  After a bit of road walking, we were out of PA and into the Garbage State... I mean, the GARDEN State.  It was a welcome change from all the rocks, with grass plains and nice rolling hills.  Its amazing the difference a day makes.  While on one of the ridges, we ran into a black snake, who wanted us to think that he was a rattler by flicking some leaves with his tail.  I wasn't buying it - nice try buddy.  He cleared teh way and we continued on to the Mohican Center, where for $18, we got a bunk in a really nice cabin, use of a kitchen, and most importantly - a shower.  It has been five days since our last one and it is starting to show.  I passed a snunk today and it put its paws over its nose and I think it may have thrown up in its mouth a little bit.  (Its hard to believe it, but I can now smell people from like 100 yards away.  Perfume, deoderant, shampoo, it all has a very strong, out of place odor now.)

We showered, James tried to treat his posion ivy, and we drifted off to sleep.  A nice easy day at 17 miles with a stop in town and a hot meal and a cup of coffee.  And no more rocks.

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