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I slept like garbage last night, so I'm tired.  We have to get to Port Clinton, PA today because we need to get our mail drop from the post office before 11 on Saturday or else we are stuck in town until Tuesday, and since the closest shelter is 8 miles away, that would mean getting up at 5am, and that was not at the top of my priority list.  So, we are hiking to Port Clinton and loving it.  We stopped at Eagle's Nest shelter around 2 and ate our lunch, cous cous and minute rice.  Then it was time for a nap.  And it was glorious.  One of those naps where you dream instantly and twitch all the time.  James passed out just as quickly.  We were worken up by Hansel and Gretel coming through.  They had lunch and we packed up and said our goodbyes.  The last 8 miles into town was treatcherous.  But then we made it into town and were super excited.

On the way, we saw the coolest sight so far - a rattlesnake.  He was about 10 feet off the trail to the right and was laying out, sunning himself and I think we scared him.  He was big too.  Probably 4 feet long and almost a fist around.  He was really not happy to see us beacuse he was really rattaling.  He coiled up in a ball, ready to striker and we took that opportunity to take pictures and gawk.

James got his real trail name today - "no cheese" - since he is lactose intolerant and can't have cheese on anything - Pizza, burgers, you name it.

So we went to the Port Clinto Hotel for dinner - excellent, huge portions and very lowe prices and beer.  We headed back to the pavillion.  We met "Bag-o-tricks," a huge dude who just likes to hang out with the hikers.  He thru-hiked once and now organizes stuff to help hikers.  So we bs'd and joked for a while and then headed of to dream land.


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Port Clinton, PA