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Ok. so we are back on the Trail today and it feels good to be back out here.  Let me catch you up on what happened at the Doyle yesterday.  We got breakfast at Goodies, where we feasted on breakfast delicasies.  We went through our packs and figured out what we could send home.  I got rid of my suntan lotion and some extra batteries.  James kept everything.  We cleaned out our water filter, which was good to do.  We headed to the hardware store for denatured alcohol, which is our stone fuel.  We alson picked up some "Shoe Goo" which we then used to fix our shoes.  The front of James' shoes were starting to come free, so he gooed them back down.  I touched up my boots too.  We hit the laundry mat, while going back and forth to the internet cade where we caught up and posted some picks (check for user NORM1487).  We got lunch and I got beers - delicious.  We met a bunch of cool hikers while there.  Shoutout to Skyrider, Captain, 365, Red Dog, Red Bee, Messenger, 007, ATTROLL, and everyone else that I can't remember. 

After that we went back to the room so James could drink some beers.  We were having a total blast.  We capped the night at the pizza place.  J ran out back at the pizza guy's request to check out a huge ball of bees that had gathered on a tree to keep warm.  He proceeded to do the Dane Cook "punch every bee in the face" skit, to which the pizza guy replied, "Dane Cook, didn't he do the Blue Collar Tour?"  That says alot about Duncannon.  Small PA town with super friendly people.  The Doyle was like a hiker frat house, perfect for getting off your feet and relaxing.  The pizza and turkey sub along with the beers and other greasy food was enough to upset my stomach, so it was early to bed for me.  Got a great nights rest.

We were up by 7 today, hit Goodies for breakfast again (James had 6 eggs over easy with toast and washed it down with a two egg and bacon sandwhich.  He's an animal).  We went back to the Doyle, checked out, hit the Post Office, and then were back on the Trail by 9. 

Crossing the two rivers that meet in Duncannon was pretty sick.  Great views. and the sun was still pretty low int he sky.  We were gaining ground on a hiker just ahead of us, but as we started out ascent out of the valley and back into the mountains, J told me to ease up, because we had all day.  I relented, and he got the better of us.  We ran into Skyrider and Captain a short time after reaching the top and they told us that the guy just infront of us had had 2 hip replacements, so now I felt really bad about trying to over take him and a little amazed that he was able to move so well - hooray for modern medicine. Then it all changed.

We caught up to the guy probably about an hour later, and as we got close he stopped, pulled over, turned around and just as I was about to introduce myself, he said, "How can you hike with those poles?  The sound of the [carbide] tips hitting the rocks simply drives me nuts."  Okay... I was taken aback.  Most people on the trail are really friendly, and event if they aren't they are atleast polite.  Cranky McNoHips was clearly an exception.  "They don't bother me a bit," I retorted.  I live by the philosophy that you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar, so had he been nice, I would have tried to keep my poles quiet, but he didn't, so I didn't.  James, being James, started to introduce himself but was cut off when the hornery old man said, "That's why I pulled over, so that you could pass and I wouldn't have to hear that anymore," as he made an ushering motion for us to continue.  Jolly Good Sir!  We got moving and both made sure to clang and scrape our poles on every rock we could find while still in earshot.  Oh well, it kind of bugged me for a bit, but then I decided to let it go.  It's not my problem that the dude is suck a whiney guy.  I can't fore him to be happy, but I can control how I feel.  So I started joking with James.  I'm over it now, but just thought that story was worth retelling, if only to use the phrase "Cranky McNoHips."

We met alot of other long distance hikers today too.  We passed Backtrack, who was coming from near Salisbury, CT and had only been out 22 days so far.  Then we met another guy who was on his first day out.  He did GA to Dun Cannon, PA a couple years back and was looking to finish.  And we also met the mother - daughter team that we first got to know yesterday in Duncannon at the laundry mat.  The four of us are at teh shelter right now, just passing time before our dinner.  It's good to be in a shelter with like mindedfriendly hikers.

The spring here is nuts.  Its all the way down the side of the mountain at the bottom of 283 stone steps.  Let me tell you, it may be 283, but it feels 10 times that when you carrying 2 gallons of water.

I kind of wanted to keep hiking, since we got to the shelter at about 2:30 p.m.  We could have easily put in 7 or 8 more miles, no sweat.  We did about 13 miles today and still have plently of energy and sunlight.  But, there wasn't another shelter for 17 miles, so that didn't seem like a good idea and the camping spots are scarce, being that we are on a mountain ridge, so we decided to stay pu and chill out.  We hope to be in Port Clinton by Friday, which I think is totally doable, since its mostly ridge running from here on out.  Ok, time to check out where we will stay tomorrow.  I hope you are all enjoying this and that its interesting/ informative/ entertaining/ funny.  It is't none of those, then why are you still reading?


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