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Hi Everyone,

Hope everything and everyone is well at home.

I have had the most amazing 6 weeks i dont think im going to be able to describe it well enough!  The island i lived on was cayos cochinos.  It is beautiful.  Its also unihabited when there are no expeditions going on so very basic, the bar consisted of a fridge selling warm beer, but we did have cabins to stay in, when we were expecting tents... there was also a very limited water supply so washing to frequently was frowned upon!!  Our days consisted of getting up, going diving, eating, diving, sunbathing, diving, eating, sunbathing and drinking rum, seriously that was it for 5 days a week when we had students on the island! On monday afternoons wed go across to the island next door which was inhabited and the locals would make us a bbq and be able to drink cold beer, we also stocked up on local rum, which made you temporarily blind if you drank too much... We then got tuesdays where there was some science going on, but mainly got taken over by staff fun dives, went and did some absoulty fantastic divses with all our mates, and it think that they are gonna be tough to beat.  Tuesday night was party night, and we did fancy dress partys, and pub crawls, from the restaurant to all 3 cabins which was a laugh and usually ended in night swimming...  weds were then our days off, we needed it from the stressful life! and we filled them with volleyball competions and water baseball or walks from the jungle.  Have i gone on a bit too much there?

The diving was incredible too, i saw loads of good stuff like turtles, nurse sharks, sting rays...

They also film the italian survivor series there, and had left behind a huge polysterne mayan temple that was part of the set!! which was kinda random..

The people were reallly amazing too, and ive made some good new friends.  There were loads of characters on the island, like the israli doctor who came out with phrases such as 'thats the biggest waste of time since circumsicion' and  a nutter called dave that had a sponge bob square pants tattoo..

But after 5 weeks cabin fever had set in a bit, and we were getting a little anxious to see some other faces and eat some other food so the opporunity came up to go across to Utila for a week, and me and Emily took it.  Thats where ive been for the past few days.  Utila is a complete contrast, its a tourist resort with bars and restaurants and shops.  Once we  adjusted, we  went out a lot with the guys that work here, most of them had been across to cayos for a week before and ive spent the past few days getting the most out of the nightlife!!

And then we heard about the hurricane and there was loads of speculation about what was gonna happen.  We decided to embrace it and have a hurricane shelter party, which involved us stockpilling essentials like rum and crisps and hiding in the concrete dive centre building overnight.  There was sod all wind but we had a fantastic evening!  Were supposed to be going back to cayos tomorrow, but were not sure if the boats are going to be running again, well see.

Right, ive gone on for ages there, so ill sign off now.

Miss you all loads,

Jo xxxxxxxxxxxxx
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photo by: Yoshu