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Thanks for all the happy birthday messages guys!!!

Right so i think i left you on sunday night, that night was celebrating finishing the trek and involved lots of cuba libre... 

Monday was a bit of a washout, we (me and 3 other trekkers) got up early at 6 and pretty much sat on a bus (well at least 5 different buses) until 10pm and then went and found food and straight to sleep... not the most fun day so far...

On tuesday morning we got on a final bus and arrived in semuc champey.  Semuc champey has to be the most beautiful place in the world (well that ive seen so far!!).  It was amazing and if you know anyone that ever going anywhere near guatemala force them to go there!  The hostel was big tall huts, with just a mosquito net covering the front and you got an amazing view of the river.  The river had a bit of a current to it, so that you borrow rings and go down like on a lazy river ride... there was also a bridge thats 12m high and you can jump from it into the river, great fun! They also have a cave system, which you can do tours off.  They give you a guide and a candle and you go exploring!! Parts of the cave are almost flooded so you have to swim through, holding you candle up and trying not to kick rocks with your bare feet!!! So that was tues.

THen on weds (bday day!) we went into the national park.  This was incredible, theres loads of crazy wildlife here, but also naturally formed swimming pools, but the river flows over them so the water is always clean and fresh we spent about 8 hours just swimming about in these pools it was perfect!  And then they found out it was my bday in the hostel.. maybe my open bday cards gave it away...  the hostel is really sociable because its only that hostel, another one and the caves and park and river in this town so everyone eats dinner together... and then after dinner i got sang happy birthday 5 different times, in 5 different languages! I think my favourite was norwegian because they had a strange little dance and started bowing down to me!! And unsurprisingly it ended up in lots of beers drank and midnight swimming in the lake...

This morning i had to say bye to my new friends and do some more bus journeys.  On one bus i sat next to a woman holding a bag of live chickens on her lap, and the kept on poking there heads out and thrusting there beaks at me! Was kinda entertaining!! Fun times! I´m now on the caribean coast in a town called Rio Dulce.  Im gonna get a boat to livingstone tomorrow which is supposed to be amazing so we shall see!

The only bad thing is that my (full) memory card of my camera seems to have corrupted itself, so i think ive lost my pics from so far, and i cant take any new ones till i find a camera shop... but others have promised to send me theres

Hope everyones well at home,

keep in touch,

jo xxxx

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Rio Dulce
photo by: islander23