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I'm travelling with a grumpy pair who I met (and travelled with) through Tibet (and who were less grumpy) on motorbikes around Nepal. As monsoon season has started we've had plenty of rain and mud and felt slightly silly for getting the motorbikes, but the last 2-3 days have been beautiful and the roads great. We figured out on day 1 that a big road on the map may not mean tarmac (but instead mud and rocks or just no road at all) so our plans to 'experience nepalese culture for real man' has ended abruptly in a big touristy hub. its a very lovely touristy hub but we could've got here by bus and not in 5 days. we're carrying on though...
i'm having such a great time though, near death experiences and adrenaline rushes have me full of energy (and too tired to bicker even if I could)
We've taken a route South-West from Kathmandu down towards Buddha's birthplace, Lumbini, through the flat tropical plains in the south to Chitwan National Park and up again through Tansen to Pokhara (the touristy hub) in the mountains. We've got some kind of rubbish map more like a kid's pop- up one than a proper A-Z but it's adding to the sense of adventure. Chitwan was beautiful, we arrived there under a sheet of rain worried that the roads through the jungle would be off limits, but then we got two days of staright sunshine to enjoy the elephants and the rhinos. In the mornings you could go down to the river to help wash elephants (and ride them and get thrown off and dodge enormous elephants poos) and then in the afternoon have very uncomfortable treks on elephant back through the jungle to see animals. No tigers or crocs sadly (and we'd heard they're as big as buffalos by one enthusiastic trekker) bud we did see a rhino mum and a rhino son ambling along. they're competely unbothered by the elephants so you can go very close.. after that we've had beautiful weather up to the hills, and lots of smelly but very colourful petrol trucks for company. we got stuck in a  jam on one bend as a naked baby boy learned his first steps in the middle of the road as an enromous truck honked away.  
This morning we woke up at 8 am to get up to Pokhara (spending the night in Tansen) which took us 3 1/2 hours of solid driving. we've all got sore arses and cant be bothered to consider the dirt track road that continues further on so we're sticking with steak dinners and the prospect of paragliding in Pokhara for today...
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photo by: Makkattack