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     When Jamie had had her fill of crabs, and I had had my fill of laughing at her with the waiter, we decided to head back to camp.  It was getting dark, windy, and starting to drizzle.  When we arrived at the little check-in stand for the campsite, we were informed that we hadn't really checked in the previous night, and should not be allowed back on the premisis.  Fantastic.  Jamie tried patiently explaining that we hadn't recieved the paper work we needed when we checked in, but that we had indeed checked in, paid, and set up our campsite.  Apparently reciepts are no longer a proof of purchase.  The guy went on about papers we didn't have for a good five minutes before finally letting us in, making sure we knew how "lucky" we were to be able to return to our belongings. 
    Upon our arrival at the tent, we were informed by our neighbors that a storm would be coming through that evening, with winds in excess of fifty to sixty miles per hour.  Not optimal camping weather.  We thanked our neighbors, and started to neatly pack Jamie's car.  Then the rain started to pour down, and we finished jamming things into the car where ever they would fit, while I listened to the Tetris theme..in my head.  We were both fairly soaked, tired, and trapped in the car by the end of it.  In lew of spending the entire night stuck in a car, stuck in Florida, I ponied up the money for an extra night in our next hotel (who was willing to let us in an evening early), and we sped off to New Orleans.  Sped being a relative term, as we had to figure out where the hell we were going before we randomly started to drive.  We decided that the fastest way from point A to B was a straighish line along the coast, through Biloxi, and also, that geometry was our friend.
    We drove all night through the most brilliant storm I have ever seen.  Bolts of lightning filled the entire night sky, making it as bright as noon on a summer day.  Thunder shook the ground, the rain hammered against the car..it was poetry..because I wasn't the one driving through it.  It stopped raining when we got near New Orleans, the  highways were empty, aside from a parade of billboards, and a lonely other vehicle or two.  It had to be around 2 AM when we got there, tired and still damp.
    Our hotel was the Best Western Avalon, and it was heavenly.  They use fabric softner on the sheets.  Fabric softner.  We had two king size beds to ourselves, in a lovely room, with a warm shower, no creepy phone calls, and freshly washed, fabric softened sheets.  I slept very well. 
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