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    I woke up a little after the sun had risen.  After checking my phone and seeing that it was only five-something in the morning I tried to go back to sleep, but couldn't.  Joy of joys.  It was chilly outside, and Jamie was still asleep, so I ended up just walking around on the little stretch of beach by our campsite.  The sun coming up over the water was beautiful. 
    After a half an hour or so I woke up Jamie to see if she wanted to go for a walk, which after a couple of minutes she begrudgingly agreed to.  We both got dressed, grabbed our cameras, and headed out.  It didn't seem like anyone else was up, and aside from an elderly woman out for a morning stroll, we were the only ones about.  A little ways down the road there was a bird viewing platform in a patch of woods.  We ended up hanging out and taking some pictures until the gnats found us.  On the way back to the road we saw three deer going by the small platform, they were incredibly close to us, and didn't seem weirded out by our proximity.  We snapped some more pictures, stared at the deer (who stared back at us) and then started walking toward where we assumed the beach was.  Further down the road we came to an alligator viewing platform.  There were no alligators to be viewed, only a heron perched on a sign telling us not to feed the alligators, and a some soggy pieces of bread floating half-in half-out of the water.  Delicious. 
    Eventually we found the beach.  It was fantastic, and nearly deserted.  We walked along the shore, but couldn't go into the water because an unusually large amount of jellyfish at the waterline (there were also a number of them by the campsite waterline that morning).  Strange and disgusting I thought, as I had hoped to at least wade into the water a little.  There was a rocky outcropping that created this algae covered alcove (check out the journal picture).  The water there was cold, but jellyfish free, so I waded in up to my knees, while Jamie stayed in more toward the shore, stopping to pick up some trash some asshole had left behind.
    We headed back to the camp, promising each other to go again tomorrow, and take a walk around the nearby "alligator lake."  When we got back we started a fire and ate some of whatever was left over from the night before.  I threw our leftover hotdog rolls out to the seagulls.  There was a family camping next to us, and I gave some of the rolls to the two little kids, so they could feed them too.  I probably should have asked their parents first, but I'm a horrible person.
    The day provided us with fabulous weather.  We drove around what we assumed was the town for a while and ended up shopping at some little antique shops, one of which had restaurant listings in it.  Jamie wanted crabs, and picked a dinner spot called "Dirty Dick's Crab House" (tagline being:  "I got my crabs at Dirty Dick's).  We drove back and forth trying to find the damn place three or for times on a road that smelled like bologna, then burning tires, and then garbage, before stopping to ask for directions.  Nothing brightens your day like asking some old lady in an antique mall where you can find "Dirty Dick's."
    We drove to the restaurant, and came to realize we had been in the historic district all afternoon.  Genius.  What should we see when we arrive?  A damn car with a Pennsylvania license plate and a PSU decal.  Bitches! there is just no escape.  The place was okay, but nothing really special.  The highlight of my meal was when Jamie's boatload of crabs came out in a three foot long boat, and our server made fun of her. 
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Panama City
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