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    It was really cold and icy that morning, and I almost fell on my ass several times whilest packing the car.  When we were completely packed we made a Sheetz stop to stock up on all of the junk food our hearts could desire, and then some.  It was a fairly uneventful trip.  Somewhere in Maryland or Virginia it started to snow, and we passed a really bad accident involving a big rig and a car.  Also, we heard Gwen Stefani's "Rich Girl" the first of fifty billion times on the radio.  We decided it was as good a theme song as any for our trip.
    We arrived at our final destination for the day in the early evening.  Having just come from "god hates you and wants you to freeze to death, PA," the fifty degree weather in Fort Mill felt fabulous.  We stayed at the Best Western Carrowinds, and were delighted to find a front desk clerk who was eager to listen to us bitch about Pennsylvania at this time of year.  She looked about sixteen, but apparently was married, and very knowledgeable about the area.  She informed us that when it snowed in Fort Mill the citizens became so perplexed that everything usually shut down, including the grocery stores.  So, our conditions back home were astonishing and fifty degrees is apparently freezing. 
    This fifty degree weather equalling freezing thing became more apparent when we went out for dinner.  We asked our friendly desk clerk where the best local food could be found (preferably somewhere involving pecan pie) and she pointed us toward a place called "Captain Steve's Too," which was right down the road from the hotel.  When we got there there was a line out the door, and people in parkas and gloves.  Parkas.  I felt like an ass in my tee-shirt.  Despite the line, there was no wait, and no pecan pie.  However, there was some excellent sea food that came in Gigantor sized proportions.  Not only that, but it was cheap as hell.  They provided me with my first ever hush puppies and sweat tea.  Delicious.  I can honestly said I would drive the whole damn way there just to eat at "Captain Steve's" again.   Yes, I have a problem.
    When Jamie and I got back in for the night we ended up just watching TV and relaxing.  Unfortunately, when we tried to get to sleep, neither one of us could.  The sheets just felt really itchy to me, and I ended up laying there and wishing I was asleep instead.  At some point I must of drifted off, because I was woken up at 3 AM by the telephone.  I sat up in bed, and looked over at Jamie who just said, "What the hell?," which was exactly what I was thinking.  I picked up the phone and the following conversation took place:
       Me:  "Hello?"
       Psychopath on the phone:  "Hi, yeah, I'm really sorry, but I need to use your bathroom."
       Me:  "What?"
       Psychopath:  "I need to use your bathroom.  I'm in the room across the hall, and I need to use your bathroom."
       Me:  "What?  Why?"
       Psychopath:  "Look, our bathroom is broken and I asked the guy at the front desk, and he said that you have to let us use your bathroom."
       Me:  "Sir, there is a public rest room in the hall that you can use."
       Jamie:  "Just hang up the phone."
       Psychopath:  "No, I need to use the shower, you have to let me in to use your bathroom.  You have to!"
       Me:  "Excuse me, but I don't have to do anything."
       Jamie:  "Hang up the phone."
       Psychopath:  "But, yes you do!  I mean please?  You really have to, the guy said so!  You HAVE to!!"
       Jamie:  "Hang up the damn phone."
       Me:  "I'm hanging up the phone now, good night."

As you can see, the smart one in this scenario was Jamie, but when I'm woken up in the middle of the night and presented with an opportunity to argue with someone, I'll take it.  Also, I'm just paraphrasing, the conversation was probably longer, but my point is some crazy man called our room and scared the hell out of us.  This was intensified after I called the front desk and asked exactly why he had told the person across the hall that they could use our bathroom.  The front desk guy said that he hadn't told anyone that, and infact, the room across the hall was only used for storage and didn't even have a phone.  It gave me a very "the call is coming from inside the house" feeling.  Jamie and I were thoroughly convinced that if we opened up the curtains to our ground-floor room window there would be a large scary man there holding a bloody knife, or possibly a chainsaw.  Or both.  Good times, good times.
David says:
I have to confess, that was me on the phone.
Posted on: Feb 28, 2006
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