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At 11pm we were the only passengers to depart the train at Kungur Station. After Johnny taking a quick walk around and not seeing a hotel in sight we caught a taxi (what a treat!) to the hotel opposite to the Ice Caves. Only cost 2 pounds so not that bad. We got dropped off at this huge worn down complex in the middle of nowhere, the front doors unlocked but no one at reception. We used the public phone inside to call the reception and a sleepy lady answered, then rudely hung up then turned up 2 mins later from a room adjoining reception... 10 mins later we had a room.

 We got up late the next day, then only had to walk outside and we were basically at the ice caves. There was an entrance but no one was there besides markets selling rocks and souviners. After 15 mins of trying to figure out what the signs said a military man approached us to help and realised we were 'english'. We were taken to an office building and were sold entrance tickets and introduced to our 'guide', a lovely russian lady. So we entered the dark depths of the the caves and entered many grottoes with interesting names!! Some were so beautiful with lakes and stalignites and staligtites...was really a sight to see. An hour later we were back outisde in a mini blizzard, was so fun! Got taken into a little rock museum and the 2 ladies there were extremely over enthusiastic at showing us every little thing, but was interesting.

  After heading back to the hotel we called another cab and went back to the train station even though we werent leaving till midnight. During that time we had a local man approach us and strike up a conversation. With help from our guide book we didnt do too bad, and chatted for a few hours. We realised he was a bit too friendly when he got on our train and made himself comfortable on one of our beds! With the little russian we knew, we managed to get the attention of the provonista (train attendant) and after him not being able to show a ticket we were on our own again. With the rest of the 100 people in our carriage. We quickly made our beds and managed to get some sleep amongst the anonymous snorers... 

Jess_and_Johnny says:
well there wasnt really 100 people but it sure felt like it! And we are basically winging it with the language, hardly anyone knows any english...and when you do meet the rare few they love a chat which is so great. p.s. we love what you have done with this site, its awesome!!!
Posted on: Mar 12, 2006
Eric says:
wow sounds like a pretty crazy experience, especially your descriptions of the deserted hotel and 100 person carriages. Do many of the people there speak/understand english, or have you mainly been relying on your phrase book?
Posted on: Mar 02, 2006
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