To the Eye Doctor I go…(Part 2)

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Alright so I’ve got a map to his office. It should only be a 5 minute walk from the station. God, it’s hot out! There it is!!! Luckily I happened to recognize the phone number because there were no readable signs on the tiny building. The office didn’t even appear to be open, but it was. I’m sweating now, I know it. Gross. I walk inside. It’s so dark and sort of creepy. It looks like something the 1960’s vomited up after a bad night of hallucinogenics. The receptionist looked at me with shock. Again surprised that a foreigner had come to their office. She kept speaking to me in Japanese. I’m thinking to myself “clearly I speak English and you don’t, but you know the doctor does (sort of), why don’t you get him?”


Finally the doctor comes out from behind the filthy white curtain, at least I think it was once white, maybe when he first bought it? He seems a bit surprised too! I’m wondering if I’m at the right place? Suddenly, he remembers me. He says my name, “Amber San?” (more laughing).


“Yes, Hai, that’s me!” After a few minutes of attempted conversation I realize I am in desperate need of a translator. So I call that trusty health insurance company and we play a little game of “pass the phone.” There are other patients in the office by now and they are laughing at me.


It’s a week later now and he just finally examined my eye. Okay, so I’m exaggerating a bit, but it feels that way. I go behind the creepy curtain only to find another filthy low lit room with to my surprise what may be quite possibly the very first eye examination microscope machine that was ever invented! It must be an antique! It’s like a scene from SAW. At this point I’m only praying I will wake up from this episode of the Twilight Zone with both of my eyes intact.


After much probing and pulling of my eye and eyelid he finally determines that I have a mild infection. Oh gee! What a surprise! I guess Japanese doctors are as useful as American ones. Anyhow, he gives me some eye drops and sends me on my way….


If you thought that was the end of the story you surely must have known that there was no possible way I was escaping his office without a live rendition of High Noon’s theme song…. Da dunt ta dunt ta dunt dunt dunt, ta dunt ta dunt ta dunt dunt dunt, ta dunt dunt dunt ta daaa!” (incessant laughing)




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photo by: maka77